RPM 10 Carbon

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Pro-Ject RPM 10 Carbon, Hi-Fi News, January 2016

Hi-Fi News, January 2016

Reviewed By: Nick Tate
Score: 85%

Comments of Note:
“Pro-Ject’s RPM 10 Carbon is a most impressive performer at its price, offering a sound that will amaze those people returning to the vinyl format, yet still impress veteran vinyl junkies”
“It has a deep, dark, powerful character that goes straight to the music in the groove. This is doubtless down in large part to its virtually inaudible rumble, fine speed stability and good tonearm performance – all of which contribute to its authoritative mastertape-like sound.”
“The way this deck gets right into a musical performance without firing it at you in an aggressive way, is most satisfying.
“Like the best Belgian chocolate, it’s sultry and smooth yet has real flavour too. By this I mean you can really get a sense of the recording studio and the tonality of the final mix, and every disc sounds different.”
“Thanks in no small part to the excellent Cadenza Black, you can enjoy the silky treble and its superb filigree detailing…”
“The width of the RPM 10 Carbon’s soundstage really surprises, giving an almost panoramic feel to the proceedings.”
“The same attributes that make it good for rock, pop and jazz hold for classical too.”
Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral’ Symphony with Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic [Deutsche Gramophon, SLPM 138 805]
“Again, we heard its expansive soundstage, fine detail resolution across the midband and a delicate, well-defined treble.”
“this turntable is able to handle dynamic light and shade as well as its best price rivals.”