RPM 5 Carbon

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Pro-Ject RPM 5 Carbon, Hi-Fi World, March 2016

Hi-Fi World, March 2016

Reviewed By: Martin Pipe
Rating: 5/5 Globes
OUTSTANDING - Amongst the Best
Value - Keenly Priced

Comments of Note:
“Incredibly, the RPM 5 Carbon/9cc Evolution – something of a bargain, considering the tonearm fitted – is being offered with the Quintet Black for a saving of over £200. It’s almost as if the turntable part of the package was being given away!”
“Getting things going is pretty straightforward by turntable standards. Pro-Ject has clearly given this issue considerable thought.”
“A copy of Alton Edwards’ ‘I Just Wanna Spend Time With You’ demonstrated from the outset than this deck has a commendable grasp of rhythmic attack…”
“This earl-80s track has a Moog bassline, which here is tight and well-defined with no trace of sag.”

Playing- Nick Straker’s ‘You Know I Like It’, Unlimted Touch’s ‘Searching to Find’ and Toney Lee’s ‘Reach Up’
“Backing the optimism and good vibes of those soulful vocals were instrumental elements that the RPM 5 Carbon revealed in a balanced and musically satisfying way.”

Playing - Nitro Deluxe’s ‘Let’s Get Brutal’
“The electronic rhythm is appropriately-incisive, while the synth chords and bassline get the depth they deserve.”

“The RPM 5 Carbon’s rumble contribution is evidently very low”
“Also evidently low are wow and speed instability.”
“A Philips recording of Mozart’s 2nd Piano Concerto was characterised by rock-solid piano pitch, bereft of any tell-tale ‘wavering’ or coarseness. The accompanying orchestra was portrayed with a definite ambience and sense of scale.”
“The RPM 5 Carbon is solidly-built, well-designed and fine sounding disc player that continues the Pro-Ject tradition. Given the tonearm that’s included, and the Ortofon cartridge special-offer that Henley Designs assures me will “run indefinitely”, the package represents excellent value for money. As such it comes highly-recommended.”
“FOR – tonally well-balanced with little colouration – revealing without unduly exposing flaws – build quality and looks”