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Pro-Ject Primary, Audiophile Man, November 2017

Audiophile Man, November 2017

Reviewed By: Paul Rigby
Rating: 8/10 

Comments of Note:
"For those looking for a first turntable or if you’re coming back to vinyl, then the Primary is a cracking entry point into the glorious and terribly cuddly world of vinyl."

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Pro-Ject Primary Review, What Hi-Fi?, March 2017

What Hi-Fi?, March 2017

Sound: 5 Stars
Features: 4 Stars
Build: 5 Stars
Score: 5 Stars

Comments of Note:
"The Pro-Ject Primary is an entry-level solution more compelling than any other sub-£200 alternative we’ve heard. If you’re looking for a way ‘in’ to the record revival, the Primary is an excellent introduction."

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Pro-Ject Primary, Hi-Fi Pig, December 2016

Hi-Fi Pig, December 2016

Reviewed By: David and Rob Stevenson
Rating: Highly Recommended

Comments of Note:
"The Primary is a synergy of good value parts maximising the hifi content by operating within their performance envelope. Overall – a balanced soundscape with clarity and bounce beyond expectation for this budget."

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