6 Perspex SB

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Pro-Ject 6 Perspex SB, HiFi Pig, July 2017

HiFi Pig, July 2017

Reviewed By: Ian Ringstead
Rating: Recommend
Build Quality: Excellent build and finish
Sound Quality: Detailed, clean and transparent with good sound staging that can be tweaked to take it further

Comments of Note:
"Overall the Project 6 Perspex SB offers a lovely looking package that is easy to use and allows for improvements to boost its already good performance much further."

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Pro-Ject 6perspex SB, What Hi-Fi?, August 2016

What Hi-Fi?, August 2016

Sound: 4 Stars
Features: 5 Stars
Build: 5 Stars
Overall Score: 4 Star

"This is a sophisticated turntable, both in sound and build. We love the design and clever magnetic suspension system, and the hands-on approach will be a huge part of its appeal."

Pro-Ject 6 PerspeX SB, Trusted Reviews, July 2016

Trusted Reviews, Online Review

Score: 5 Stars

Comments of Note:
"PROS: Striking looks, Deep, controlled bass, Immense soundstage, Great value"
"My immediate impression was one of awesome scale and depth. The soundstage spread out around me and then washed over me like a tide. With Iron & Wine’s “The Sea & the Rhythm”, every finger-picked note seemed to float and shimmer around the wonderfully compressed vocal."
"The depth and control of the bass is also incredibly impressive at this price."
"timing is spot-on and there’s a great attacking edge to the treble."
"For the money, the 6 Perspex SB is a truly impressive record player in both looks and sound."
"overall this is a complete and hugely desirable package."

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