DAC Box DS2 Ultra

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Pro-Ject DAC Box DS2 Ultra, Hi-Fi News, July 2016

Hi-Fi News, July 2016

Reviewed By: Andrew Everard
Score: 79%

Comments of Note:
“It’s hardly surprising that the DS2 ultra is capable of a pretty impressive performance, whether with CD-quality content, hi-res PCM or even DSD files.”
“…the sound is clean, precise and informative…”
“Things are even pretty impressive with CD quality music, as one might hope: I loaded up Radiohead’s newly released outing, A Moon Shaped Pool and enjoyed the way the DS2 ultra unravelled the dense, mesmeric mix. It gave good insight into what was going on within the wash of sound, and then upped its game to reveal even more as I switched from the standard 44.1kHz/16-bit version to 48kHz/24-bit files of the percussive ‘Burn the Witch’.
“the DAC Box was able to demonstrate the benefits of higher sampling rates not in the way one actually hears the music, but in the richness of the tone of instruments and the areas of presence and air.”
“the higher DSD resolutions give the sweet, simple performance more space to breathe. This is all too clear when switching from, say, the DSD64 version to the DSD256. And that is what the DS2 Ultra does so well.”
“Pro-Ject’s DAC Box DS2 ultra is quite an achievement for the money, and what it loses to pricier DACs in absolute weight and conviction it claws back in the way it can reveal the differences between various file formats.”