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Pro-Ject Essential III Review, What Hi-Fi?, August 2017

What Hi-Fi?, August 2017

Sound: 5 Stars
Features: 4 Stars
Build: 4 Stars
Score: 5 Stars

Comments of Note:

"Another five-star review – the company simply can’t shake the habit of turning out top-class turntables."

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Essential III A, Hi-Fi Choice, February 2017

Hi-Fi Choice, February 2017

Reviewed By: Ed Selley
Sound Quality: 5 Stars
Value For Money: 5 Stars
Build Quality: 4.5 Stars
Features: 4.5 Stars
Overal: 5 Stars, Recommended

Comments of Note:
"If you’re thinking that this latest version of the Austrian-based company’s Essential line is simply a mild spruce up of the previous model, think again."
"‘Visually, the turntable is a genuinely pretty proposition with the gloss finished plinth and acrylic platter improving on its older sibling’s aesthetics and giving an improved sense of quality."
"The pick of the bunch has to be the eye catching red option, which looks even more elegant and very smart in the flesh and avoids any of the rough edge criticism levelled at its predecessor."
"Build quality is good with all the major points of contact feeling of a high standard."
"It possesses excellent tonality. Listening to Arcade Fire’s Funeral sees the Essential III A put in an extremely compelling performance."
"On Arcade Fire ‘The simple, almost waltz-like Crown Of Love is wonderfully handled with Win Butler’s vocals beautifully defined in the centre of the sound stage and entirely distinct from the rich and vibrant string section and Regine Chassagne’s vocals that support him."
"Ibifornia by Cassius ‘the low end that is on offer has plenty of texture and detail to it and is beautifully integrated into the rest of the performace."
"The Essential III A never sounds slow or bloated and there is a sense of life and energy to the way it makes music."
"This fundamental musicality is its greatest asset. It shuns an overtly attention-grabbing presentation in favour of a more balanced and considered approach that is admirably hard to wrong foot across a wide variety of different musical genres."
"The Essential sets the new benchmark in the sub - £300 turntable market."
"This is a serious statement of intent from Pro-Ject at the asking price."
"...none can match the Pro-Ject's balance of refinement and energy in their performance."
"Wonderfully balanced and engaging sound; great looks and build"
"A seriously talented arrival to the budget turntable market that sets a new standard at the price."

Essential III A, Hi-Fi News, January 2017

Hi-Fi News, January 2017

Reviewed By: Adam Smith
Score: 85%

Comments of Note:
"Aluminium motor pulley – ‘As well as imparting a more quality ‘feel’ to the deck, its metal construction has the potential to offer both a better diameter tolerance for steadier speed, plus a modicum of extra weight for more of a flywheel effect when rotating."
"The package is fluid, musical and highly accomplished."
"The deck is sure-footed and more than able to dig deep into the heart of a recording to reveal inner detail."
"at the top end, the OM10 worked its magic once again and things were clean, smooth and assured."
"Pro-Ject has done it again. By subtly improving critical aspects of the Essential II turntable and making a small cartridge change to big effect, the Essential III once again jumps nimbly to the top of the budge turntable class."
"Its sound perfectly illustrates to a newcomer exactly what is so good about vinyl."

Essential III A, BBC Music Magazine, January 2017

Hi-Fi News, January 2017

Reviewed By: Michael Brook
Score: 5 Stars

Comments of Note:
"...the Pro-Ject's playback has an impressive level of refinement and scale - things are never allowed to get messy, even at high volume."


Pro-Ject Essential III, EISA Awards, 2017

Eisa Awards, 2017

Best Value Turntable 2017-2018

Comments of Note:
A great step on to the vinyl ladder, Pro-Ject’s Flexi-Range has six different models that cater for every aspiring vinyl junkie. From the super value Essential III to the fully loaded Record Master – with electronic speed control, built-in phono stage, analogue-to-digital converter and USB output – there’s something for everyone. Even an aptX Bluetooth model is available. Each deck comes with an Ortofon OM10 cartridge, for better sound than its predecessor. With red, black or white gloss options, it has style to match its fine sound.