Forte III

Image of Klipsch Heritage


Klipsch Forte III, Darko Audio, April 2018

Darko Audio, May 2019

Reviewed By: Phil Wright

Comments of Note:
"The Forte III is a big and beautiful loudspeaker, both visually and sonically, presenting music in a way that’s utterly enthralling."

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Klipsch Forte III, HiFi Wigwam, Online Review

HiFi Wigwam, Online Review

Comments of Note:
"They have a very different sound to a lot of other speakers. The horns are directional and you hear more of the direct sound and less of the room reflections. The sound is therefore clear and direct."

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Klipsch Forte III, Hi-Fi Corner, August 2018

Hi-Fi Corner, August 2018

Comments of Note:
“They break the conventional norm of the hi-fi sound. They create life-like listening sessions. All the frequency ranges have timbre accuracy, proper transient response, proper decay. The midrange and tweeter are fantastic and give the listener details that seem lost in most speakers.”

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Klipsch Forte III, Hi-Fi News, May 2018

Hi-Fi News, May 2018

Reviewed By: David Price
Labs By: Keith Howard
Sound Quality: 78%

Comments of Note:
"It has its very own kind of charm that keeps your interest in the music alive."

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