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Roon Nucleus+, Hi-Fi World, May 2019

Hi-Fi World, May 2019

Score: 4/5 Globes 
  EXCELLENT - Extremely capable. 

Comments of Note:

"Roon’s Nucleus+ music server packs power for a home network."

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Roon, Hi-Fi Choice, March 2019

Hi-Fi Choice, March 2019

Sound Quality: 5 stars
Value for Money: 4.5 stars
Integration: 5 stars
Features: 5 stars
Overal: 5 Stars

Comments of Note:
"Elevates integrated computer audio into a beautifully imagined and seriously capable piece of software that’s an absolute joy to use

*software review

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Roon Nucleus+, Essential Install, Online Review

Essential Install, Online Review

Comments of Note:
"Roon remains the most compelling music service for serious music enthusiasts and the Nucleus+ makes the concept super-slick, very fast and seriously robust."

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Roon Nucleus +, HiFi Pig, November 2018

HiFi Pig, November 2018

Reviewed By: John Scott
Rating: Outstanding
Build Quality: Solidly built, the Nucleus/Nucleus+ is simultaneously elegant and unobtrusive
Sound Quality: Sophisticated DSP and up-sampling ensured an improvement in sound quality in whatever system Nucleus + was used in

Comments of Note:
"The Nucleus+ provides an elegant, unparalleled plug and play one-box solution to digital library management, digital signal processing and multi room capability."

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Roon Nucleus+, Hi-Fi+, August 2018

Hi-Fi Plus, August 2018

Reviewed by: Chris Thomas

Comments of Note:
" the Nucleus is easily recommendable as it’s small, easy to accommodate and simply allows the software to work at its optimum."

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Roon Nucleus+, Hi-Fi Choice, July 2018

Hi-Fi Choice, July 2018

Sound Quality: 5 stars
Value for Money: 4 stars
Build Quality: 4.5 stars
Features: 5 stars
Overall: 4.5 Stars

Comments of Note:
"The Nucleus+ offers is peerless handling of large music libraries, coupled with a top-notch browsing experience that means you will almost certainly feel compelled to make considerable use of it."

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Roon Nucleus +, Hi-Fi News, April 2018

Hi-Fi News, April 2018

Reviewed By: Andrew Everard
Labs By: Paul Miller
Sound Quality: 87%

Comments of Note:
"It offers a solid platform on which your chosen DAC can strut its stuff. Its combination of style, joined-up thinking and sheer user appeal makes this an intriguing addition to any ‘computer audio’ system."

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