Debut III S Audiophile

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Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile, Hi-Fi Choice, May 2018

Hi-Fi Choice, May 2018

Sound Quality: 4.5 stars
Value for Money: 5 stars
Build Quality: 4.5 stars
Ease of Drive: 3.5 stars
Overal: 4.5 Stars

Comments of Note:
"It takes the best of the existing models and adds a dash of extra sophistication and poise to their performance."

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Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile Review, What Hi-Fi?, April 2018

What Hi-Fi?, April 2018

Sound: 5 Stars
Features: 5 Stars
Build: 4 Stars
Score: 5 Stars

Comments of Note:

"All in all, this is another excellent Pro-Ject Debut turntable and one you need to hear."

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Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile, Audiophile Man, February 2018

Audiophile Man, February 2018

Reviewed By: Paul Rigby
Rating: 8/10 

Comments of Note:
"Providing a strong and yet relaxed suite of self-assured bass frequencies combined with low noise-induced midrange detail that enhances clarity and the intelligibility of even complex arrangements, the Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile is an accomplished analogue performer capable of providing impressive and even startling performances."

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Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile, AV Tech Media, November 2018

AV Tech Media Awards, 2018/19

Best Value Turntable

Comments of Note:
BEEFING UP PRO-JECT’S popular turntable range, this ‘packaged’ deck belies its low-cost price tag and boasts an S-shaped aluminium tonearm, factory-fitted Pick-IT 25 A moving-magnet cartridge (based on an Ortofon OM10, no less) and a sophisticated motor system. Even more impressive is the vinyl replay performance, which reveals a tight yet rich bass with great depth perspective and imaging. Adding an extra dash of sophistication and poise to proceedings over its competitors, Pro-Ject has crafted a superior package that’s sure to play a large part in the continued elevation of vinyl’s popularity.