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Lehmann Rhinelander, Tech Radar, March 2011

Tech Radar, March 2011

Reviewed By: Richard Black
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Comments of note:
“Maximum output is impressive into low impedance's, with the ability to drive nearly half a watt into 15 ohms. “
“Under more sensible conditions, distortion is as low as any. Output impedance is quite low at 6 ohms, which should ensure consistent operation into any normal headphone load.”
“Sound quality seems to justify the outlay as this is clearly an exceptionally capable device.”
“The basics are all there, with detail, imaging, rhythm and so on clearly in very good order, but above and beyond that there is a magnificent sweep and assurance to the sound that's as effective with a Schubert song as it is with glam rock or a big band.”
“The sound just keeps you there listening after bedtime and you'll find yourself enjoying familiar recordings as never before.”

Lehmann Rhinelander, What Hi-Fi?, April 2009

What Hi-Fi?, April 2009

Reviewed By: 'Headphone Amplifier £200-£250 'Test Express'
Score: 5/5 Stars

"Give one of these an audition and you won't be disappointed."

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Lehmann Rhinelander, What Hi-Fi? Award 2010

What Hi-Fi? Awards 2010

Best Headphone Amplifier £300 - £500

"...if you want quality and dependability, it's the best there is."