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Musical Fidelity M2sCD, Audio Appraisal, July 2019

Audio Appraisal, July 2019

Comments of Note:

"M2scd produces a sound that is above all musically engaging and non-fatiguing, whilst remaining true to the source material."

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Musical Fidelity, Hi-Fi News, June 2019

Hi-Fi News, June 2019

Reviewed By: Adam Smith
Labs By: Paul Miller
Sound Quality: 82%

Comments of Note:
"‘The pairing romped through classical and belted out rock’."

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Musical Fidelity M2sCD, Hi-Fi World, March 2019

Hi-Fi World, March 2019

Score: 4/5 Globes 
  EXCELLENT - Extremely capable. 

Comments of Note:

"can deliver music in a manner that does not in any way shame Musical Fidelity’s enviable heritage."

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