Stream Box DS to DS net Upgrade

Stream Box DS net Upgrade Information

Henley Designs offer a free upgrade from Stream Box DS to Stream Box DS net for all UK Customers

With the recent release of the ‘Box Control’ iOS and Android control application by Pro-Ject Audio, the Box Design Stream Box DS has been elevated to an essential audition for anyone looking for a new Hi-Fi quality network audio player. The Stream Box DS is already an impressive piece of kit, but with the introduction of Box Control it is no longer just great sounding; it also becomes an absolute joy to interact with.

Box Control works on an all-new proprietary software, called NetAPI, meaning that the App not only works intimately with the Stream Box DS, but it also works quicker than any third-party UPnP application can.* NetAPI is a new software program which was developed over a long time by Pro-Ject Audio, Stream Unlimited and an extensive team of developers. The new software is unique to Pro-Ject Audio and opens up the Stream Box and all future network devices in the Box Design range to a variety of future possibilities; it is therefore an eagerly anticipated update to a Stream Box system.

The original Stream Box DS does not come with NetAPI pre-installed, which means the unit will have to be retro-upgraded by the service team at Henley Designs Ltd. But while others on the continent are charging up to £100 for this service, we at Henley are rewarding our loyal customers by offering the upgrade for free!** Simply get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish.
This offer only applies to Stream Box DS units purchased before September 2012. All units sold after September 2012 by Henley Designs already benefit from the stream NetAPI software.

Benefits of NetAPI Software:

Benefits of 'Box Control'

- Turns Stream Box DS into Stream Box DS net - Has complete control of Stream Box DS net over quicker, proprietary NetAPI protocol.
- Allows Stream Box DS to work with 'Box Control' Application for Android and iOS devices - Control over all Stream Box DS net features; including internet radio database, network-attached server libraries and iPod/Hard-Drives connected via USB.
- Adds Apple Lossless (ALAC) audio file playback over a home network (previously only available through a connected iPod) - Add 'Remote Box' (coming soon) to replace all your regular IR remotes with just Box Control, for complete control of your listening environment.
- Opens up Stream Box DS net to all other future benefits of NetAPI - Box Control is pre-programmed to work with all Pro-Ject Box Design models (when partnered with 'Remote Box'). Add control for other third-party devices easily through the App.
  - Clean, minimal user interface for easy and intuitive interaction.

* Box Control also has UPnP functionality, so it can navigate a server and play the music back on any compliant UPnP network audio player. NetAPI introduces complete control over the Stream Box DS net in the same way as the remote does; you can therefore only play internet radio and USB drives with the app once your Stream Box has been upgraded to 'net' specification.
** Carriage costs may apply.