How to Clean Vinyl Records with Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Listening to a vinyl record on a properly set-up hi-fi system unravels detail and delivers musical enjoyment that can easily be lost in digital systems. That's the main reason why vinyl records have endured and have a pivotal place in our relationship with the music we love. However, there is a key part in the vinyl system that is so oftern over-looked, to the detriment of your musical enjoyment: the vinyl record itself.

A vinyl record physically interfaces with the needle of a pick-up cartridge, so record maintenance is a crucial task to stay on top of if you want to get the best from your records. During day-to-day use records can pick up impurities from their environment, resulting in a build-up of dust and other particles inside the record groove. These impurities can easily bond to the record wall and the cartridge's stylus to introduce unwanted artefacts into the sound.

The below picture of a record groove close-up highlights how even small impurities on the record surface could affect the "shape" of the record wall - causing mis-tracking or introducing unwanted noises into the sound. However, it's not just about how this debris affects the stylus movement. Loose impurities can also bond or "burn on" to the cartridge's stylus causing a major build-up there (see the second picture). If the diamond stylus is dirty, it doesn't matter if the record is pristine, the sound will still be incomplete and you may experience mis-tracking issues. If you remove these impurities from the record groove and the diamond, you are left with a perfect platform to fully enjoy your records.

Close-up of a record groove

Close-up of a diamond stylus that's been playing dirty records

Close-up of the same stylus after it was cleaned

Pro-Ject Audio Systems, as an internationally recognised analogue company with a wide variety of turntables and hi-fi electronics in their range, care about every part of the signal chain; so they readily provide a variety of cleaning products to ensure that your system always sounds as good as it should.

Below, we split the various systems on offer from Pro-Ject into "Dry Cleaning", "Manual" and "Vacuum" cleaning and maintenance solutions that could elevate your vinyl listening experience to the next level.  

Dry Cleaning Solutions

Dry Cleaning solutions are the front line solutions for maintaining your vinyl record collection. If you use them regularly, each time you sit down to listen to your system, the bigger tasks of deep-cleaning your records will be needed less and less. Here, Pro-Ject Audio Systems offer a variety of solutions including the Brush-IT, for manually cleaning a record before you lower the tonearm, the Clean-IT for cleaning your cartridge stylus, and the Sweep-IT E, an innovative cleaning arm that cleans your record just before the groove reaches the cartridge.

Sweep-IT E pictured
Products in this category include:

Brush-IT  Clean-IT  Sweep-IT E

Manual Cleaning Solutions

The Spin Clean Record Washer System MK II is a long-standing manual cleaning system that's sold around the world by Pro-Ject Audio Systems. It takes the concept of a dry-cleaning brush, like Brush-IT, and applies it to a wet environment - so the cleaning fluid loosens the dirt and the brush removes it. Spin Clean is a great solution for reducing surface noise and getting deeper into the record groove than other "dry" products. On top of this, thanks to the deliberately bright colour of the Spin Clean, you can see exactly how much dirt has come off of your record.

Spin Clean washer system pictured.
Products in this category include:

Spin Clean Record Washer System MK II

Vacuum Cleaning Solutions

Pro-Ject's Record Cleaning Machnine (RCM) line has matured over recent years to feature different product options. Boasting sturdy enclosures, maximum power and speed in use, the VC-E and VC-S2 ALU machines are affordable solutions for maintaining your vinyl records in near-mint condition. By using a similar wet/dry method to the Spin Clean, the vacuum cleaning products involve the manual application of a proprietary cleaning solution to a record with a record brush as a motor rotates the record. Once fully covered, a vacuum arm is placed over the record and the fluid/dirt is sucked away in seconds to leave a deep-cleaned vinyl record that's ready to play straight away.

VC-S2 ALU record cleaning machine pictured.
Products in this category include:

VC-S2 ALU   VC-E   VC-S 7-Inch Kit

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