About Henley Audio

Over 25 Years of Devotion

Henley Designs Ltd. was formed in 1997 as the result of a management buy-out of Ortofon UK. Operating with only a small team, led by Laurence Armstrong and Nick Fuller, the company quickly flourished and expanded to take on a variety of innovative hi-fi brands. In those early days, the company was able to expand at a time when the hi-fi market was in a state of flux because of the core principle it operated on: quality product, quality service.

That core principle carries through to today in the form of our ever-present tag-line: Quality Hi-Fi Distribution, and in 2022 Henley Designs Ltd. proudly turned 25 years old, still fully owned by the two founding members; except now with a team of over twenty employees covering all the key areas of a successful distribution business in-house.

To mark the occasion of its 20th Anniversary in 2017, Henley Designs Ltd. changed its trading name to Henley Audio, giving both trade and consumers a clearer indication as to what you can expect from one of the UK’s leading hi-fi distributors.

Henley Audio Building Exterior

Welcome to Henley Audio

Henley Audio Building Exterior

Visit our modern facility in Didcot, Oxfordshire

What We Offer

Henley Audio aims to offer both trade and end-customers the complete solution. When you deal with Henley Audio, we act entirely as if you are dealing direct with the manufacturer. Our knowledgeable, experienced team will take on any enquiry you may have – ensuring your entire experience with any of our products is the best it can be.

All our operations are run entirely from our 20,000+ square-foot facility in Didcot, Oxfordshire. On site, we boast a large open-plan office that contains our Customer Services, Technical & Marketing Services and Finance teams. We also have a dedicated Service Centre where our specialist engineers are able to repair almost every product we represent. Our expansive warehouse, staffed with skilled operatives, houses all our stock – giving us the ability to supply a vast array of products on a very quick turnaround service.

We have also built our own custom showroom and demonstration facility. Open to the public, on appointment only, our show facility gives visitors a chance to get up-close with our products and try anything out before purchase.

For those moments when someone isn't around to answer the phone, we also maintain this website and provide a comprehensive business management system for our trade partners in order to ensure anyone who needs it can get all the information they need as quickly as possible.

Our Mission: Quality Hi-Fi Distribution

Our aim is simply to offer a quality range of hi-fi equipment for sale in the UK and Irish market. We’ve established a network of nearly 500 retail frontages, giving hi-fi enthusiasts across the country the chance to get the product they want locally.

The brands we represent are treated with absolute independence, but they also share a symbiosis – often allowing them to complement one-another joyously in a well-balanced system. Each of our brands is also regularly reviewed by the international press, frequently winning coveted awards and other plaudits.

The dealer network we supply to is actively maintained by our in-house sales team, because to us it’s important that every step in the chain is carefully looked after. Hi-Fi dealers are a vital but diminishing commodity, representing the life-blood of our industry; which is why on almost every product page on this site you will be able to quickly and easily find a local retailer who can supply what you need.

We believe music is a uniquely personal media and, given the right platform to perform, it can add layers of meaning to your everyday life. Something as precious as that needs to be experienced in the right way, and that's what we - with our retail partners - aim to deliver to you. Because once you know what's possible, we believe you'll be hooked on good quality audio for the rest of your life.  

Happy Listening!