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Reloop HiFi is a new division of Reloop, founded in 2016 with the introduction of the TURN 3 record player.

Based in Münster, Germany, Reloop aim to make technical devices that look, sound and function to the highest standard, at the most attractive price possible. To achieve this, their in-house Research & Development team work with select manufacturing partners around the world to offer products and accessories that suit home audio enthusiasts.

Reloop specialise in the production of turntables, particularly due to the lifelong passion held by their founder and company CEO, Robert Lauterwein...

For as long as I can remember, turntables have always been a part of my life. My father is a passionate music lover and vinyl collector, and my grandfather used to import and distribute Sony turntables in Switzerland in the 1970’s; so it was only natural that I developed my own interest in records and the tools we use to play them. That interest continues to drive me professionally and privately to this day.

Twenty years ago, Reloop’s very first product for DJs was a turntable. Since then, turntables have been a core part of the Reloop DJ line, and me and my team constantly strive to ensure we offer the best technology available at an attractive price.

With the MIDI compatible RP-8000, we were one of the first companies to really innovate the DJ turntable, and have subsequently contributed to a vibrant ‘post-Technics’ era in the DJ market. The extensive R&D experience we have put into turntable development in the DJ sector has given our technical team a unique professional knowledge, which we are now transferring to an entirely new challenge – what do you need to make a really great, affordable hi-fi turntable?

As well as turntables, Reloop also produce a variety of accessories and vinyl care products, that help preserve precious record collections.

Reloop TURN3
Reloop TURN3

A DJ Company

Reloop HiFi began in the company’s 20th year of trading. Through the years from 1996-2016, Reloop built their reputation as one of the world’s leading DJ equipment manufacturers, and they continue to this day as a leading brand in that industry.

Like with the hi-fi division, all of their DJ hardware is designed in-house before being manufactured by the select partners across the world. The company has class-leading products from across the spectrum, catering for both traditional vinyl DJs and modern digital DJs.

To learn more about Reloop's core DJ products, including their coveted range of MIDI Controllers, Mixers, CD Players, Turntables and more, head to our Henley Pro website...

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