Rose RA Series


Rose RA Series

HiFi Rose has been making waves in the industry since the introduction of their high-end Streamers, cementing themselves as a key player in luxury home audio that boasts a range of products where appearances can come at no detriment to sound quality. 

HiFi Rose is now taking the knowledge gained through the success of their Streamers, and channeling this towards the development of Integrated Amplifiers into their portfolio. Utilising their long-standing history as part of the CITECH corporation, along with the brand's extensive access to R&D facilities, HiFi Rose is intent on constructing a series of Integrated Amplifiers that match the finesse of their Streamers in both aesthetics and acoustic performance. 

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Class AD Design

Class D amplification provides higher efficiency and higher output, as well as improved noise and distortion measurements, compared to more traditional Class AB designs. However, many Class D designs in the past have suffered in sound quality due to limitations in their circuitry. HiFi Rose’s state-of-the-art Class AD (“Advanced D”) amplifier resolves these problems with the use of innovative new materials.

HiFi Rose's RA series Class AD amplifiers boast Gallium Nitride FETs as opposed to more common Silicon FET technology. The result of this design is a high-speed, perfectly accurate amplification stage with almost no dead time, allowing them to perform far more naturally, like a pure analogue amplifier.

Pure Power

The power supply first developed for the flagship RA180 amplifier is also employed in the follow-up RA280. It employs Silicon Carbide FET technology, with its high voltage support and heat resistance, to provide a high output in an efficient manner with low heat generation. It also responds to power delivery fluctuations well with its 2.5kW class PFC circuit and high-capacity condenser. The result is a power supply that responds to the needs of the system, while always allowing the amplifier to sound as clean and natural as possible.

Stunning Design

HiFi Rose RA amplifiers seek to make the internal, external. The front interface gives you control and visibility over what the amplifier is doing inside, while still maintaining an elegant, modern industrial design aesthetic. The use of satisfying controls, VU-meters and a reliable build quality elevate the RA range to amongst the best in their price range.