Cinema 1200

Cinema 1200
The biggest soundbar in the range, the Cinema 1200 offers oodles of power to truly bring your music and TV to life. With built-in Atmos speakers and compatibility with the Surround 3 speakers, this soundbar offers unrivalled realism and a true 360 degree experience.


The Cinema 1200 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar, with 1200 watts of power and integrated, discrete height speakers in the sound bar and surrounds, brings decades of professional cinema acoustic research and development to your home with the same power, dynamics and detail as the movie theatre. Dolby Atmos technology brings sound to life from all directions, including overhead, to fill a home theatre with astonishing clarity, detail, and depth.


The Cinema 1200 is designed to quickly connect to your TV. Simply plug in the included HDMI cable or an optical cable to seriously upgrade your TV sound, using your TV’s remote to control it. The included 12” wireless subwoofer and two wireless surrounds are pre-paired to connect automatically out of the box, for a hassle free set up in just minutes. Next generation HDMI eARC connectivity means true Dolby Atmos sound and ultra-high definition video with a single HDMI cable.


Built-in universal Wi-Fi works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Spotify Connect, allowing you to add the Cinema 1200 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar to your existing smart home ecosystem and play your favourite streaming music service anywhere in your home. User selectable “Streamer Mode” allows for seamless integration with other external audio streaming devices.


The Cinema 1200 comes with a powerful wireless 12” subwoofer that you can place anywhere in your room, for true Klipsch cinema sound. Wireless 2.4 GHz technology automatically connects the sound bar and the subwoofer together, while a wired subwoofer output allows you to add a second subwoofer to your setup or simply replace the included wireless subwoofer with the subwoofer of your choice.


Features HDCP 2.3, for 8K HDR video pass-through for use with state-of-the-art TVs and HDMI sources.


With Dolby Atmos processing in the sound bar, The Cinema 1200 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar creates overhead sound to deliver cinematic surround sound with greater realism, detail, and immersion. 


All new custom tuned dialog modes not only raise the volume of the dialog in your TV shows and movies, but also optimise the EQ setting of the system, to ensure the dialogue is crisp, clear, and exceptionally intelligible no matter what’s happening on screen. Three levels of dialogue enhancement ensure that you can find the perfect setting for your needs.


The Cinema 1200 is a true 5.1.4 system, featuring a dedicated centre channel speaker for enhanced vocal clarity, and horn-loaded tweeters, just like our legendary professional cinema speakers, for dynamic power in every detail of your music and movies. The Cinema 1200 is crafted from high-quality wood materials, just like legendary Klipsch speakers. 


Independent wireless surrounds give you the versatility to place anywhere with no extra wiring needed. 


Works great with all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and computers - allowing you to play music direct from your device, while the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip means better connectivity, better range, and better battery life on your connected devices.


The included premium remote features motion-sensing LED buttons so you’re in full control, even when the lights are low. In addition to volume and input selection, the remote lets you adjust subwoofer level, surround level, and sound mode with the push of a button to dial in the perfect listening experience right from your seat.


The built-in Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus processing enables powerful cinema experiences with discrete processing for dialog and surround channels.

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Cinema 1200

RRP: £1599.00

The biggest soundbar in the range, the Cinema 1200 offers oodles of power to truly bring your music and TV to life. With built-in Atmos speakers and compatibility with the Surround 3 speakers, this soundbar offers unrivalled realism and a true 360 degree experience.


StereoNet PoTY Cinema 1200 , December 2021

StereoNET Product of the Year Awards 2021

"Best Soundbar."

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format_quoteHenley Says...

I'm a big fan of Klipsch soundbars; the step-up in terms of sound quality is immeasurable from most TVs available today because they're made the same way as their speakers. But aside from the sound improvement, the space they save is another plus. In smaller rooms the ability to achieve better sound without sacrificing space is invaluable.


Dan Cottingham Marketing Coordinator

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