Black Cube

Black Cube
The Black Cube is produced in small numbers and sonically superior to mass industry products.

This is where it all started back in 1995; Norbert Lehmann's first product was the Black Cube.  Seen as a reference point by many Audiophiles and Manufacturers alike, the Cube was eventually modified to 2006 specification and, once again, leads the field of mid priced Phono Pre Amplification.

The Lehmannaudio Black Cube phono stage is compatible with practically all available cartridges on the market from High Output MM to MC. Apart from the standard switch settings there is one onboard slot that can be fitted with a custom impedance to supply perfect termination even for the most exotic cartridges. No more need for expensive impedance plugs!

The input stages used in the Black Cube can also be found in top notch mixing consoles and in well known professional microphone preamps. The entirely passive RIAA equalisation network is realised with high precision foil capacitors. All resistors are of the low noise metal film variety. The switches for gain and load settings have gold plated contacts.

Because of the small outer dimensions the Black Cube can be placed next to the turntable. This minimises loss due to cable lengths.  The low noise regulated external power supply is connected permanently to the audio section to minimise the number of contacts in the signal path.

Lehmannaudio always pays special attention to details: the cable between the power supply and audio section is shielded. The cases of both the power supply and the audio section are made of nonmagnetic materials and the case of the audio section is even equipped with a top cover coated with a special anti-resonance treatment.

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Black Cube

RRP: £525.00

The Black Cube is produced in small numbers and sonically superior to mass industry products.


What Hi-Fi? , February 2009

Lehmann Black Cube Review

"Vocals are crisp and wonderfully clear, while also being honest and emotive."

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Andrew Simpson , Hi-Fi Choice Grouptest Winner , February 2015

Black Cube Review

format_quoteHenley Says...

The Black Cube has branched into several iterations and versions over the years, resulting in a range that is sure to meet your requirements whatever your need. But the consistently impressive thing about Lehmannaudio phonostages is their size; boasting a compact footprint that allows them to be flexibly placed in full HiFi systems and desktop set-ups alike, these phono stages punch well above their weight, offering performance similar to some much more expensive models.


Ralph Ward Area Sales Manager

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