Concorde Music


Concorde Music

Developed by music lovers, for music lovers, the Concorde Music cartridges blend premium performance with an iconic design. Concorde Music is not just a cartridge, but a dedication to the profound impact music has on our lives, turning every listening session into a captivating journey. 

With interchangeable styli the Concorde Music series becomes a musical adventure from start to finish, whether you're looking for a specific musical profile or walking the upgrade path from Red to Black, the Concorde Music range has something for every individual, and every genre. Find your perfect match today!

In 1979, the Concorde looked radically different to any other cartridge on the market. Conceived by the award-winning industrial designer Jan Trägårdh, the Concorde eliminated the need for screws and wires when mounting a cartridge into an “SME-style” tonearm. Thanks to its unique design the Concorde has been in continuous production for Ortofon ever since, changing subtly over the years but always retaining its remarkable robustness and impressive tracking ability. 

All models in the Concorde Music range feature the same body type and generator system, allowing for easy cartridge upgrades in the future. Inside, silver-plated oxygen free copper is chosen for the quad-coil system together with four Ortofon split pole pins, delivering a clear, powerful 6mV output of dynamic, lifelike sound with an exceptional clarity and fidelity to your connected phono stage. 

Each model in the Concorde Music range also makes use of a purpose-chosen rubber compound for its suspension system. Ortofon are a leading rubber producer and make their suspension systems in-house to exacting standards for their superior performance. 

Installation of the Concorde range is effortless. Simply insert it into an SME-style tonearm headshell socket and lock it into place. There are no screws or fiddly wires, so all that is required is a simple tonearm balance to achieve the desired tracking force.