The VC-S2 ALU elevates the performance of affordable record cleaning solutions to new levels. Based on years of experience and research, this model boasts superior performance and the ultimate ease of use.

Boasting a striking aluminium surface that’s not only visually appealing but is able to withstand excessive fluid spill without compromising the chassis. The VC-S2 ALU houses a class-leading vacuum motor to clean records, residue free, in as little as one or two rotations. The very best results are achieved with one rotation forward, followed by one backwards. The drive motor also makes one rotation within 2 seconds, which is about three times faster than comparable products. The end-result is a faster and more effective cleaning process for the cost. The motor is also a new purpose-chosen type, designed to last for an extended lifetime.

A new aluminium screw-on clamp, lined with a rubber pad, protects the record label from cleaning fluid and avoids damage to the label. The robust metal arm is easy to use, mechanically stable and focuses all suction power directly onto the record surface.

The VC-S2 ALU is supplied with Pro-Ject’s own eco-friendly, non-alcoholic vinyl cleaning concentrate, Wash-IT. It offers very good cleaning results and reduces static charge, so record wear and stylus wear are significantly reduced. It also evaporates in the air, dramatically reducing the number of times you need to empty the large built-in 2.5l waste liquid tank. For when there is a fluid build-up, the VC-S2 ALU also features a handy level indicator – telling you the ideal time to empty the tank.

The VC-S2 ALU is a clear and obvious investment toward great sound and extended record life. The aluminium finish exemplifies the high-end build-quality throughout. The increased size and upgrade in components allow for quicker and quieter operation, while retaining a high level of effective deep-groove cleaning. For those who are serious about their sound, and the longevity of their record collection, the VC-S2 ALU is a must-try addition to your home.

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RRP: £449.00

The VC-S2 ALU elevates the performance of affordable record cleaning solutions to new levels. Based on years of experience and research, this model boasts superior performance and the ultimate ease of use.

format_quoteHenley Says...

When playing vinyl records, one of the most over-looked parts of the system is the record itself. Maintaining your records is key to achieving great sound, so maintaining them to the highest standard is the best way to ensure you continue to enjoy high-quality audio for years to come. 

We offer a variety of cleaning solutions, like brushes that make sure you can remove surface dust and dirt, or wet-cleaning solutions like Pro-Ject's vacuum cleaning machines or the iconic Spin Clean Washer System to make sure you can get a solution that's appropriate for you.


Dan Cottingham Marketing Coordinator

  • The VC-S2 Alu is equipped with a large 2.5l waste tank, but it is not designed to fill-up to a high-level with liquid. The 2.5l tank allows for a large amount of excessive fluid to be captured (more like 1l) without affecting the flow of air through the tank. Smooth air flow ensures a good vacuum process, so if the waste liquid level gets too high it would affect the vacuum process negatively.

    However, with the VC-S2 Alu when using our popular Wash-IT fluid, you will almost never reach the MAX Level line, as our solution is designed to evaporate quickly - so you almost never need to drain any liquid from the tank.

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