The Pro-Ject Debut turntable series is one of the most iconic and well-loved turntable lines in the Hi-Fi industry. First introduced in the late 1990s, the Debut series quickly became a favorite among vinyl enthusiasts due to its exceptional sound quality, ease of use, and affordable price point. Over the years, the Debut series has undergone several upgrades and improvements, with each new iteration building on the success of the previous models. The series includes a range of turntables with different features and capabilities, including the Debut Carbon EVO and Debut PRO, which were both released in 2020. Today, the Debut series remains a favorite among vinyl enthusiasts around the world, offering exceptional sound quality and affordability in a range of models to fit any need.

The current Debut models feature a carbon fibre tonearm, which is both lightweight and rigid, allowing for precise tracking of the record groove. This results in a more accurate and detailed sound reproduction, with less distortion and noise. The tonearm is also pre-configured with a high-quality Ortofon cartridge, ensuring optimal performance from the very first use.

Debut models also feature a heavy metal platter, which helps to reduce unwanted vibrations and resonance, resulting in a more stable and accurate playback. The platter is also damped with a TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) ring, which further reduces resonance and improves the overall sound quality.

Debut models make use of a precision belt drive system, which ensures accurate and stable rotation of the platter. The belt is fit via a sub-platter system which helps keep motor noise isolated from the main chassis, and therefore cartridge. The belt itself is made from a special elastic material, which also helps to reduce vibration and noise, resulting in a cleaner and more detailed sound. The belt drive system is also easily adjustable, allowing for switching between speeds with a simple adjustment to the belt.