iPhono 2

iPhono 2
Digitise your vinyl tracks for playing with any current DJ software.....quickly and easily

The process of archiving your irreplaceable vinyl collection just became a piece of cake. By plugging a turntable into the Reloop iPhono 2 USB audio interface, and then connecting this to a computer (PC or Mac), your precious vinyl rarities can now be recorded digitally in crystal clear CD quality thanks to the high-res digital drivers. Other audio sources, such as tape decks or Minidisc players can also be connected to the interface for recording.

But there’s more! Why not hook up a mixer to the Reloop iPhono 2 and record your entire DJ set to your computer? The mix can then be instantly uploaded to share with others online, or could just as easily be burnt to a CD for physical distribution – the possibilities are endless.

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iPhono 2

RRP: £72.50

Digitise your vinyl tracks for playing with any current DJ software.....quickly and easily


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