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22 February 2024

Pro-Ject introduces the new Juke Box E1

Since 2017 the Juke Box E has delighted audio fans around the world as an ideal starter system, or a convenient, compact second-room system, that brings together vinyl playback, Bluetooth streaming and all the necessary amplification into an elegant turntable chassis. Today, Henley Audio are delighted to announce the immediate UK availability of the Juke Box E1 – a next-generation take on the hugely popular design.

The Juke Box E1 takes the original Juke Box E philosophy and assimilates it into an even more convenient and stylish form. Directly inspired by the popular E1 design, the Juke Box E1 now boasts a new tonearm, a sub-platter drive system and more convenient switching between 33 and 45 RPM speeds.

The Juke Box E1 is designed to deliver true stereo hi-fi to your listening environment. Boasting unrivalled convenience for vinyl playback and other premium design elements, it’s capable of bringing the joys of high-quality audio to more people than ever.  


Features of the Juke Box E1 include:  

    • Turntable design inspired by the popular Pro-Ject E1 model 
    • Plug-and-play turntable set-up 
    • Accurate speed with automatic switching between 33 and 45rpm 
    • Top-mounted high-contrast display 
    • Built-in Bluetooth receiver and additional Line Level input for traditional sources 
    • 50W per-channel Class D integrated amplifier built-in 
    • Line Level output for the turntable source 
    • Available as a complete SET with Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5 speakers and set-up accessories 
    • Handmade in Europe 


Juke Box E1 SET 

For those looking for a complete system in one box, while still boasting the guarantee of high-quality musical enjoyment, the Juke Box E1 SET is also available. Included with the Juke Box E1 are a pair of Pro-Ject’s own Speaker Box 5 speakers in a matching finish, a solid-core loudspeaker cable, and isolation feet for the speakers.

The set works together to form a perfect, complete system, which is easy to accommodate and a joy to experience.


The Juke Box E1 is available in the UK immediately in Black, White, Red or Walnut finish. 

The Juke Box E1 SET is available in the UK immediately in Black, White and Red finish. 

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