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02 February 2024

Hi-Fi Rose introduce a new Integrated Amplifier to their ranks

Henley Audio are excited to announce the imminent UK availability of the HiFi Rose RA280 integrated amplifier. The RA280 takes its lead from the Korean brand’s flagship RA180 amplifier, first released to critical acclaim in 2022, offering music lovers a more affordable solution for their hi-fi system. 

With the RA280 listeners can enjoy a pure, natural sound reproduction that is as close to the original recording as possible. Making use of HiFi Rose’s innovative Class AD design, featuring GaN FET technology, this flexible product is an exciting addition to the world of amplification solutions. Externally, the RA280 presents an elegant aesthetic, more minimalist than the original RA180, but still boasting features and design elements that others do not offer.  


Key features include: 

  • Next-generation Class AD (Advanced D) amplifier design with 250W per-channel output 
  • Gallium Nitride FETs in the amplification stage deliver perfect linear output 
  • Built-in moving magnet phono stage 
  • Tonally neutral output design, complemented by Bass and Treble tone controls 
  • Purpose-designed high-efficiency power supply with Silicon Carbide FET technology 
  • Distinct, retro-industrial aesthetic with high-purity aluminium construction 
  • Dimmable VU meters 
  • IR remote control included 


The RA280 is a feature-rich, yet intuitive integrated amplifier that delivers in every way – whether you are driven by engineering, aesthetics, or pure, unrivalled sound quality. Try it out today. 

RA280 will be available in black or silver finish during February 2022. 

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