CD Box RS2 T

  • Luxury CD transport with top-loading system
  • Sophisticated mechanical design for bit-perfect playback
  • Easy to operate and connect to any digital system

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RS2 Line

The CD Box RS2 T represents a huge leap forward for CD playback. While many manufacturers are moving away from the CD format, there is still a huge number of keen audiophiles who still use their existing CD collections, and require a playback device that performs to the highest technical standards. The CD Box RS2 T is a luxury transport, featuring new technologies that have not been considered by others for many years to guarantee the level of excellence that audiophiles expect from their equipment.

Built around the class-leading CD-Pro 8 mechanism from the optical division of StreamUnlimited, and developed in collaboration with Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the CD Box RS 2 T's drive alone features a high-quality aluminium chassis, carbon fibre cover and a carbon fibre turntable. The mechanism is then equipped with a SANYO HD850 OPU and internally coupled to a CD-84 servo board for maximum information retrieval and transmission. Vibration dampers are mounted on the very rigid carbon fibre chassis, and then the whole surrounding chassis is firmly connected to the body of the CD Box RS2 T for absolute rigidity and minimal vibrations. For reduced resonance, the CD Box RS2 T features a gravity design with central mass point.

The drive chassis is milled from a solid block of aluminium and engineered to hold firm in any environment. Each turntable is also lathed from steel and chrome plated. This is critical for transportation and ensures it will last a lifetime. The suspension system consists of a rigid carbon fibre plate, carbon fibre tubes, springs, silicon dampers and screws. The suspension, cover and turntable platter are made of pure carbon fibre. Everything that's gone into engineering this drive has been done to achieve absolute technical and mechanical perfection.

Once the lid is lifted and a CD placed on the spindle, the CD Box RS 2 T features an improved magnetic clamp, made of a new aluminium alloy. The clamp allows the CD to achieve a smooth rotation, perfect for accurate information retrieval of the disc for Red Book standard CDs. For absolute purity of the signal, the RS 2 T is only a transport - so there are no additional DAC electronics built into the box. Featuring optical and coaxial S/PDIF outputs, there's also a high-grade AES/EBU XLR connection option; but for absolute signal integrity there's even a proprietary I²S + Master Clock HDMI connection, for directly linking the raw digital data to the high-grade DAC in the matching Pre Box RS2 Digital.

Aside from the technical performance, the CD Box RS2 T embodies absolute pride of ownership. Finished in a high-grade black or silver aluminium with a smooth-yet-sturdy lift motion, the device is fronted with a crystal clear LCD screen that displays transport control, time, track and text info (if available). Controlled via the front panel, or using the supplied aluminium IR remote, the CD Box RS2 T is a true high-end luxury that integrates to an existing system with ease.

Why are Pro-Ject enginnering a CD transport?

Pro-Ject has always made products and investments that are not particularly mainstream. When they formed in 1991, they showed the importance of turntables when everyone else was moving to CDs. Now as CD is losing attention in a market focused on streaming audio, the Austrian company chooses to create a revolutionary new CD transport. But it's because Pro-Ject believe listening to music is made up of two parts; the music itself, and the experience. The CD Box RS2 T guarantees the musical performance, but the use of CDs and the ritual of picking and inserting the disc is an experience that is more similar to the ritual around vinyl than it is to streaming - and this is a ritual we don't want to lose from the home. That's also why music lovers around the world still have scores of CDs in their homes.

So the CD Box RS2 T features a class leading mechanism for a near-perfect CD performance; but it also respects where the hi-fi market has progressed in recent years. With the massive development of DAC technology in recent years, it is no longer essential to place conversion technology into the CD transport box, as many customers have a DAC with the exact sonic signature they like. For users who love the Pro-Ject sound, we also have the Pre Box RS2 Digital as the perfect partner to the CD Box RS2 T.

Key Features:

  • Luxury CD transport with top-loading system
  • Magnetic metal clamp for smooth and stable rotation
  • Playback support for CD Audio, CD-R, CD-RW and Hybrid SACD
  • Features CD-Pro 8 mechanism and 'Blue Tiger' CD-84 servo board
  • Sophisticated anti-vibration design 
  • Multiple digital connections including I²S + Masterclock via HDMI connector 
  • LCD screen displays time, tracks and text (if available)
  • Aluminium IR remote included 

Technical Data

Supports: CD, CD-R, CD-RW (finalized) and Hybrid-SACD
Digital Outputs: 1 x Balanced XLR (AES/EBU)
1 x Optical S/PDIF (TOSlink)
1 x RCA S/PDIF (Coaxial)
1 x HDMI I²S
Outboard power supply: 20V / 3A DC
Power consumption: 600mA DC (< 0.5W in Standby)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 206 x 78 x 210
Weight: 3.0kg (excl. power supply)
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