RPM 10 Carbon

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  • Visually stunning audiophile turntable
  • Supplied with Ground-IT Carbon support
  • Pre-installed 10CC Evolution tonearm

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Sharing the same striking “teardrop” appearance of its predecessor, the RPM 10.1 Evolution, the RPM 10 Carbon oozes high-end style and delivers a sound performance that puts its rivals to shame.

Though the minimalist plinth design looks visually impressive, through extensive testing it’s also proved to show optimal resonance characteristics, compared to many traditional chassis designs. To further improve its performance, the plinth also employs “high mass” principles with resin-coated steel pellets packed inside the CNC-machined MDF structure. The whole plinth is then subjected to a complex heat treatment and carbon fibre surface coating to ensure minimal resonance travels through the turntable. The plinth is finished with magnetic coned feet.

The RPM 10 Carbon’s platter is the same as that found on the acclaimed Xtension 10 record player. The polished aluminium exterior is internally lined with Thermo-Plastic Elastomer (TPE) damping material and topped with vinyl. The whole platter sits on top of a stainless steel spindle with inverted ceramic main bearing to deliver an absolutely stable turntable rotation with extra-low rumble.

The RPM 10 Carbon’s perimeter drive belt mechanism is driven by a completely decoupled heavyweight motor. The motor sits on top of a custom-designed steel base for improved stability. Electronic speed-change between 33 and 45rpm is built into the motor, which also employs its own AC power generator PCB, for a clean mains supply and reduced speed variance.

The highly-acclaimed 10CC Evolution Tonearm is pre-installed on the RPM 10 Carbon. This coveted design is found on many other high-end record players, and boasts a conical carbon fibre tube and inverted bearing design that offers superior rigidity with reduced mass. The high-quality internal wiring and selection of TPE-damped counterweights also makes the tonearm suitable for use with almost any high-end pick-up cartridge. For improved signal transmission, the tonearm is supplied with a 5-Pin to RCA Connect-IT CC cable.

Henley Audio also offer a special cartridge bundle service so you can get a matching Pro-Ject or Ortofon Moving Coil cartridge for up-to 30% off (read our FAQ).

The RPM 10 Carbon comes complete with the Ground-IT Carbon base and a heavy record pluck, making it a complete high-end package.

Key Features:

  • Flagship RPM Line turntable
  • Advanced sandwich construction of plinth made from MDF, carbon fibre and steel pellets
  • 14.5kg Ground-IT Carbon equipment base included
  • Mass-loaded subchassis design with magnetic feet
  • Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball
  • Extra-heavy acoustically inert aluminium platter with TPE damping and vinyl mat
  • Outboard motor construction with massive steel base
  • Precise DC driven AC generator (Speed Box) built-in to motor
  • Electronic speed control with 33/45RPM switching
  • Pre-mounted 10CC Evolution tonearm
  • Cartridge bundle program available (read our FAQ)

Technical Data

Nominal Speeds: 33 / 45 RPM
Motor: Decoupled Tower Design
Wow & Flutter: 33: ±0.11%
45: ±0.10%
Speed Drift: ± 0.01%
Signal to Noise: -75dB
Effective Tonearm Length: 10" (254mm)
Effective Tonearm Mass: 8.5g
Overhang: 16mm
Tracking Force: 10 - 35mN
Supplied Counterweights:  5-7g, 7-10g, 9-11g, 10-14g 
Output Voltage: 15V / 1600mA DC
Power Consumption: 15W Max. / <0.3W Standby
Dimensions: 480 x 210 x 330mm
Weight: 22kg (excluding Ground-IT)


This turntable isn't supplied with a cartridge, what should I do?

Many of our higher-end turntables do not come supplied with a pick-up cartridge. That's because  the ability of the turntable is such, that it's more likely you will want to pick exactly the right cartridge for your system. with the RPM 10 Carbon, we offer some special cartridge bundles, available exclusively through your local Pro-Ject stockist. Click here to find out more about our Cartridge Bundle & Fitting Service. Our current offers (correct as of 15/11/2019) are:

Pro-Ject Pick-IT DS2 MC: £425.00
Ortofon Cadenza Red: 30% off latest SRP
Ortofon Cadenza Blue: 30% off latest SRP
Ortofon Cadenza Bronze: 30% off latest SRP
Ortofon Cadenza Black: 30% off latest SRP

 Why does the RPM Line of turntables look so different?

Pro-Ject Audio Systems introduced the RPM Line of hi-fi turntables for two main reasons. First, the obvious cosmetic difference allows for a range of turntables that are not constrained by the traditional rectangular form-factor. Second, the reduced plinth allows for a different type of sound performance.

In a turntable, its mass helps contribute to its ability to dissipate unwanted resonances. In the RPM Line they still use mass where necessary; but they then take away all the unnecessary parts of a plinth. The result of this reduction in mass (relative to what a traditional rectangular turntable with the same components would be), is a livelier sound performance. In the place of mass, the current RPM Line also employs decoupled motors on every model, which further eliminates the build-up of unwanted resonances.

The introduction of the RPM Line is just another example of how Pro-Ject Audio Systems are able to deliver a turntable option for every type of vinyl enthusiast.

For more help and advice visit our Tech Support section

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