Signature Tonearm

From £1750.00
  • Extensively adjustable tonearm
  • Developed for Pro-Ject's flagship turntables
  • Detachable headshell and extensive cartridge options

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The Signature tonearms from Pro-Ject Audio Systems offer true audiophile sound and striking style. They represent the absolute best performance possible. 

Historically, Pro-Ject's premium tonearms have used stiff, light, one-piece arm tubes with Cardan bearing assemblies. This created a range of models that perform best with Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges with middling compliance, and facilitated the lively, fast and dynamic sound that Pro-Ject turntables are known for. However, the high-end analogue market has changed in recent years, with a growing trend toward heavier cartridges with low compliance and low resonant frequency.

Low compliance, low resonant-frequency, heavy cartridges can deliver a big sound on high-end systems; yet they need a heavier arm with more internal damping to work optimally. So Pro-Ject set to work on a new high-end alternative, which could work with modern high-end cartridges and still deliver that coveted Pro-Ject sound.

The Signature tonearms are made from different metal and aluminium alloys and are tooled with ultra-precise diamond cutters on CNC machinery. Inside the tonearm tube, damping material is meticulously applied to add mass and acoustic integrity, but in order to keep the iconic toe-tapping sound that Pro-Ject is associate with, the tube is mounted on a special, oil-damped Uni-Pivot bearing. The use of a uni-pivot addresses the potential for a gimble bearing assembly to provide too much friction for a heavier tonearm tube. The anti-skate system is also a new design, that moves relative to the arm position - ensuring the exact required amount of anti-skate is applied at any given time.

Set-up possibilities of the Signature tonearms are extensive, with VTA, azimuth and overhang all easily adjustable. The counterweight assembly can accomodate cartridges weighing between 5 and 25g (37g including the supplied aluminium headshell), and the use of a detachable headshell allows for easy changing between different types of cartridges. 

The Signature tonearms truly warrant their place at the apex of Pro-Ject's coveted range of high-end tonearms. Available in the UK in 10" or 12" Effective Length.

Key Features:

  • Single-pivot tonearm design with minimal friction
  • Available in 10" and 12" length
  • Stunning high-gloss finish
  • Non-magnetic low resonance construction
  • Accomodates a wide range of cartridges, including SPU models
  • Aluminium headshell with built-in fingerlift included
  • High-conductivity Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) headshell cables included
  • Built-in 5-pin DIN connector (tonearm cable not included)
  • VTA, azimuth and overhang adjustment all easily accessible
  • Selection of set-up tools included

Technical Data

  10"  12" 
Effective Tonearm length: 254mm  304.8mm 
Mounting Distance: 238mm  291.6mm 
Offset Angle: 21.4°  18° 
Overhang: 16mm  13.2mm 
Effective Tonearm Mass:
(including Aluminium Headshell)
18.5g 19.5mm
Counterweight Rotation Diameter: 77mm  77mm 
Cartridge Weight Range:
(Depending on Individual Headshell Weight)
5-25g 5-25g


What are VTA and Azimuth adjustments?

For more information on these advanced cartridge set-up processes, visit the Cartridges section of our Technical Support area.

For more help and advice visit our Tech Support section

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