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Glorious was established in 2004, quickly becoming a leading furniture brand for DJs, producers and vinyl lovers. Their high-quality products are designed and developed carefully by a passionate, music loving team. This results in unique and innovative furniture for use at home, in the studio or for commercial applications. Glorious only use durable, sustainable and approved components that combine sophisticated materials with a timeless and minimal design.

Glorious offer practical storage solutions for records and CDs, which can be easily integrated at home or in the studio, offering optimal access to your entire music collection. Their carefully designed furniture is based on a modular concept and can be assembled fast and easily. Sturdy constructions and robust surfaces are essential for all Glorious products that meet the high demands of DJs and music enthusiasts.

The Record Box Series consists of minimalist yet solid storage systems for 12“ records. These are made of quality MDF wood, available with a black or white finish. Thanks to an easy assembly, in just a few steps the storage solutions are ready for use in no time. By combining further modules of the Record Box Series, the storage space can be additionally expanded.


Record Rack 330

The Record Rack 330 is an advanced 2-piece vinyl station, which was originated by combining the Record Box 230 with the Record Box Advanced and it can hold up to 330 12''-records.

Thanks to its slanted sides, quick access to the records is possible. The Record Rack 330 is therefore ideally suited for record stores and DJs who need direct access to their records or the home vinyl collection.

Compared to conventional furniture solutions, the rack offers an especially stable construction and is also very easy to set up. The clearly arranged storage solution is made of robust wood and is available with black or white finish.


- Combines storage and display
- Sturdy standalone unit
- 330 albums in one place



Record Box Display Door

The Record Box Display Door is a perfectly designed door that does not only serve to close a Record Box, increasing security, but also displays your records in style. The integrated LP holder for a 12'' record is made of metal and allows easy insertion and replacement of the vinyl cover. The door has a magnetic push mechanism that allows it to be opened and closed easily.

Thanks to the drilling templates supplied, it can be quickly attached to any existing Record Box unit and has all the fixing material included with your purchase.

- Fits your existing Record Box units
- Increases security
- Proudly display your 'now playing'



Record Box Advanced

Thanks to its slanted sides, the Record Box Advanced offers especially quick and easy access to up to 110 records. It is ideal for record stores, DJs and audiophiles who want direct, convenient access to their records. Flick-through your vinyl collection with ease, and reduce time in between records with the Record Box Advanced!

Simple place the Record Box Advanced on any existing stable surface for an instant upgrade in looks and accessibility. Whether you are an avid listener at home or a regular atendee of Record Fairs and Car Boot Sales, the convenience of the Record Box Advanced is clear.

- 110 Record capacity
- Portable and convenient
- Aesthetically matches other Record Box models



 Record Box 230

The Record Box 230 is the next model up from the 110 and offers just over double the storage of it's cubic brother. With two compartments divided by a central slat for sturdiness, the 230 can be placed on it's side, or upright - giving you even more options and further enhancing that modular aesthetic.

The buid quality and materials used are such that more Glorious Record Boxes can be safely placed on top of this one without any risk of collapse. So you can safely bring your inner Tetris-master and style your storage your way.

- Length gives an ideal foundation surface for modular 
- Horizontal or vertical positioning
- Subtle yet good-looking aesthetics



Record Box 110

The Glorious Record Box 110 is another simple and solid storage system for your 12" records. Once again open on the side, this stylish case makes it simple to flick through your record collection (navigating by the spines of the sleeves). The 110 model is the middle-sized single box storage option produced by Glorious.

Add it to an existing Record Box set-up for a bespoke storage design or start from scratch. With aesthetics and portability to suit almost any environment, the Record Box series has you covered.

- Cubic size for modular additions
- Available in Black & White finishes
- Reliable build-quality for peace of mind



Record Box 55

The Glorious Record Box 55 is a simple and solid storage system for your 12" records. By being open on the side, this stylish case makes it simple to flick through your record collection (navigating by the spines of the sleeves). The 55 model is the smallest single box storage option produced by Glorious.

These record boxes are made of high-quality MDF wood, and are available with black or white shrink-wrap finish. Self-assembly is required.


- Solid MDF construction
- Easy Assembly
- Fits 55 single-disc albums


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