Pro-Ject Essential Turntable Spares

The Pro-Ject Essential was a revolution in affordable Hi-Fi when it was released in 2010. The unipivot tonearm, high-quality Ortofon cartridge, exterior belt and traditional layout made it an instant hit with critics and home-listeners alike. The Essential continues to keep many listeners around the world happy with how great their vinyl can sound for so little money.

If you own this turntable and need to source spare parts, you can find information on all the available parts on this page. Everything that is available to purchase online can be purchased by clicking the corresponding number in the table below...

If you need something that is on this page, but that cannot currently be purchased through our site, please contact us on 01235 511 166 for more information.

Spare Parts:

01. Dust Cover (1147 177 000) 
02. Main Platter (1949 676 011)
03. Drive Belt (1940 675 051)
04. Essential Motor & Pulley 50Hz (1110 476 000)
05. Turntable Feet (1940 675 045)
06. Hinges for Lid Set (1940 675 129)
07. Unipivot Tonearm (1944 191 370)
08. Tonearm Inner Cables Set (1940 675 005)
09. Anti-Skate Weight (1940 675 009)
10. Anti-Skating Support Hoop (1940 675 010)
11. Felt Mat (12" Version)

This turntable is supplied with the Ortofon OM 5E.
Replacement styli are available here.

Visit our Counterweight Information Page, to find all compatible weights for this turntable.

Power Supplies:
The Essential MK I turntable uses the 16V / 500mA DC power supply.

Essential Phono USB:
When supplied as the Essential Phono USB, this turntable uses some extra componenets...
Phono USB Module (AC Turntables): 1940675230