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Cabasse is a French audio manufacturer founded in 1950 by Georges Cabasse, who was always dedicated to seeking perfect music and sound reproduction without any alteration, colouration or distortion. This boundless passion has led him to relentlessly innovate, transmit and share his exacting requirements with the rest of the Cabasse team so that all ears can enjoy the essence and thrill of pure sound. 

Driven by research and the desire to constantly innovate, Cabasse invented and developed coaxial loudspeaker technology making it possible to house several speakers in a small space, offering music lovers the essence and thrill of pure sound.

The Cabasse headquarters is situated in the scenic location of the Technopole de Brest, facing the Atlantic Ocean. Its unique research and development centre unites all the skills needed to study new materials including the creation of new membranes and loudspeakers, the design and creation of prototypes, measurements in the 500m3 anechoic chamber, quality testing and fine-tuning with some of the best sound professionals. This centre is also an industrialisation and production site, specialising in coaxial technology which is unique to Cabasse.

Cabasse is part of Cabasse Group, a European pure-player group of connected technologies and objects dedicated to the Smart Home. 




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