Super OM 5E

Super OM 5E
The Super OM 5E takes the standard OM design but bridges the gap with the 2M series by employing split pole pin technology for an improved performance.

The OM Series is the lowest-mass range of moving magnet (MM) cartridges offered by Ortofon. All cartridges in the series offer a minimal design profile for easy mounting and alignment, and they also all offer a clear, loud output for easy pairing with a phono stage. They truly warrant their name as "Optimum Match" (OM) cartridges.

As well as being easy to fit to any tonearm/headshell system, all OM cartridge bodies also benefit from a removable weight, housed above the mounting bracket. For standard tonearms you can leave the weight in place. However, for low-mass tonearms you have the ability to remove it, reducing the overall cartridge weight to just 2.5g.

The Super OM 5E also boasts an improved generator system compared to the standard OM 5E. In this generator system, the same split-pole pin technology that's found on the coveted 2M range is used. Split pole pins reduce eddy current losses caused by magnetic hysteresis, resulting in an extended, flat frequency response, similar to that found on a moving coil cartridge.

The Super OM 5E features an Elliptical (E) stylus that provides balanced and distortion-free playback. Elliptical diamonds are able to follow the groove oscillations more accurately than spherical diamonds due to their contoured shape. This results in better tracking and less distortion. 

Replacement Styli
Due to its longevity in the market, the OM range features a number of upgrade stylus options, including the Stylus 5E, Stylus 10, Stylus 20, Stylus 30, Stylus 40 and the 78 RPM Stylus 78.
  • Tipped Elliptical diamond stylus profile
  • Moving magnet cartridge with removable stylus
  • Utilises Ortofon's split-pole pin technology to reduce the eddy current and to get a flat frequency response, like with an MC cartridge
  • Interchangeable with other styli from the OM range
  • Lightweight Noryl body with anti-resonant properties

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Super OM 5E

RRP: £75.00

The Super OM 5E takes the standard OM design but bridges the gap with the 2M series by employing split pole pin technology for an improved performance.

format_quoteHenley Says...

The OM series from Ortofon is the perfect entry point for people just getting into the vinyl hobby, offering an affordable solution with a range of stylus upgrade options, OM cartridges are simple to use, and of impressive quality. I've gotten countless hours from my cartridge already, but when it comes time to replace the stylus it's a breeze - check the videos tab to see how.


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