Oyster Line


Oyster Line

Oyster cartridges represent the more affordable end of the Sumiko Phono Cartridges range. With a host of options in the range there's something for anyone, whether you're starting your vinyl journey or are a more experienced listener. 

Choose from a wide variety of moving magnet models, or move up to the legendary Blue Point moving coil.



Premium Moving Magnets

Designed for discerning, value-minded audiophiles, Sumiko's premium moving magnets (Rainier, Olympia, Moonstone, Wellfleet and Amethyst) build upon, enhance and refine the sonic character that listeners worldwide have enjoyed for decades. New innovations in their design addresses the problem of resonance, as the housing effectively disperses and dissipates unwanted vibrations, making way for effortless, transparent sound that is enlivened with intimate nuance. The voicing is true to natural harmonics, with space around the voices and instruments. The result is a moving magnet that rivals the possibilities of some moving coil designs.

Classic Oysters

Over 40 years and worldwide, Sumiko's classic Oyster models has left thousands of captivated listeners in their wake. Whether it's the ultra-affordable Oyster or Pearl models, or the truly iconic Blue Point moving coils, regardless of the price each of these classic models have established themselves over decades as high-value gems that dependably out-perform listeners’ expectations. Marked by an honesty in their analogue reproduction, the classic models remain true to what’s in the groove, impressively and convincingly voiced to bring you closer to your music.

Hand-Crafted in Japan

From Oyster to Reference, each Sumiko phono cartridge is crafted by hand in Yokohama, Japan — near the waters where their namesake Oysters dwell. They’ve selected by ear the finest materials that combine to deliver a performance that has enlightened generations of listeners. Each design is thoroughly auditioned until perfected. Production is then executed by world-class cartridge makers with a collective eye for precision and quality.