2 Xperience Acryl

From £999.00
  • Stylish, high-performance acrylic hi-fi turntable
  • Pre-installed 9CC Evolution tonearm and Ortofon 2M Silver
  • Premium construction and design principles

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The 2 Xperience Acryl from Pro-Ject Audio Systems follows on from the previous 2 Xperience model (also known as the Xperience 2-Pack). However, it also boasts some technical tweaks that bring it into line with Pro-Ject’s latest standards, guaranteeing an improved high-end performance compared to its predecessor.

The perimeter belt-drive concept is based on over twenty years of turntable design experience, but the motor is a newly updated design inspired by the 2 Xperience SB, which was released in 2015. The new motor is therefore driven by a purpose-engineered AC generator PCB, which in turn is powered by an efficient DC power supply for optimal rotational and speed stability.

The 2 Xperience Acryl’s transparent acrylic plinth is acoustically inert, offering an aesthetically appealing, yet audiophile-focused, solution. The thick black precision-balanced platter is also resonant-free, and topped with melted vinyl records for the ideal turntable mat. The three aluminium coned feet are TPE-damped for a further reduction of unwanted resonances.

The 2 Xperience Acryl is fitted as standard with the high-end 9CC Evolution carbon fibre tonearm. The coveted tonearm design is a proven performer, often found on some of the most popular record players in Pro-Ject’s recent history. The tonearm is then finished with the Ortofon 2M Silver moving-magnet cartridge, which boasts silver voice coils for improved signal transmission.

The overall effect of the 2 Xperience Acryl’s design is a stylish hi-fi turntable that avoids all unwanted resonances, so you’re only left with the music. The package is also neatly finished with a screw-on record clamp and a sturdy dust cover.

Key Features:

  • High-quality motor with ultimate speed stability
  • Precision balanced sandwich-platter with vinyl mat
  • Record clamp tightens record to platter
  • Stylish acrylic design and audiophile technologies employed throughout
  • Premium 9CC Evolution tonearm pre-installed
  • Supplied with Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge

Technical Data

Replacement Stylus:  Ortofon 2M Silver Stylus  
Pre-Fitted Cartridge:  Ortofon 2M Silver 
Nominal Speeds: 33 / 45 RPM (Manual)
Speed Variance: ±0.3%
Wow & Flutter: ±0.08%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -70dB
Platter: 300mm Sandwich-Type (2kg)
Tonearm: Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution
Effective Arm Length: 9" (230mm)
Effective Mass: 8.5g
Overhang: 18mm
Supplied Counterweight:  For cartridges between 6 - 10g
Tracking Force: 10 - 30mN
Output Voltage: 15V / 800mA DC
Power Consumption: 4W max.
Included Accessories: Dust Cover, Clamp, RCA Cables
Dimensions: 460 x 390 x 460mm (Lid Open)
  460 x 133 x 360mm (Lid Closed)
Weight: 7.2kg


Why is this turntable also available with different cartridge bundles?

The 2 Xperience Acryl is supplied as standard with an Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge. The 2M Silver is a great moving magnet model, but we believe this turntable can easily work with something more advanced from Ortofon's range of Moving Coils, to further improve the whole performance. So we offer some optional cartridge bundles to give you even more from your new turntable. If you would like advice on which cartridge is for you from our catalogue, please feel free to contact us or speak with your local dealer.

With the 2 Xperience Acryl, we offer the Pick-IT DS2 as an optional bundle due to its ease of integration and impressive sonic character. To have this cartridge pre-installed by your dealer, just select the cartridge in the drop-down menu before you check-out.

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