9CC Evolution Tonearm

From £700.00
  • High-end tonearm design with heavy-block support
  • Light, yet rigid, carbon fibre construction
  • Found extensively on high-end turntables

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The Evolution range of tonearms from Pro-Ject Audio Systems are some of the most coveted tonearms on the market. Available in 9", 10" and 12" lengths, the Evolution models offer flexibility, reliability and great sound for a competitive price.

The 9CC Evolution is based around a large, conical carbon fibre arm tube with integrated headshell. The one-piece design allows for minimal resonance, with the conical shape avoiding the potential for standing wave reflections. The arm tube is further designed to draw resonances away from the cartridge and into the heavy metal block, which surrounds the gimble bearing. This simple but efficient design protects the musical signal from any unwanted mechanical interference.

The gimble bearing assembly uses four ABEC7 specification ball-races, for optimal flexibility and minimal resistance. The result is a tonearm that can smoothly trace the record groove.

Behind the bearing assembly, the counterweight rod is lowered to reduce the force exerted on a cartidge during the playback of warped records, which can produce un-wanted dynamic 'Wow'. The counterweight itself is lined with a Thermo-Plastic Elastomer (TPE) compound, to eliminate resonances at the back of the tonearm. 

For accurate set-up of the attached cartridge, VTA and azimuth adjustment are easily accessible on the tonearm. 

The 9CC Evolution is a true high-end tonearm, and is capable of being partnered with some very high-end turntables. Its solid, reliable build combines with audiophile-grade features to provide a complete tonearm solution.

Key Features:

  • Premium tonearm with one-piece arm tube fashioned from carbon fibre
  • Conical arm tube avoids standing wave reflections
  • Inverted bearing design with four ABEC7 ballraces
  • Gimble bearing has solid metal block housing to avoid resonance
  • TPE-damped counterweight eliminates unwanted resonances
  • Lowered counterweight rod, for improved tracking of warped records
  • Solid arm base allows for VTA adjustments
  • Single-screw fixing on the armtube allows for easy azimuth adjustment
  • Silicone-damped tonearm lift can be height-adjusted to suit
  • High-quality, flexible internal wiring
  • Linn geometry

Fitting Advice:

If you wish to use the tonearm on a Linn turntable (or similar), you must purchase the arm with Pro-Ject's 5-Pin DIN Plug terminated at the tonearm base and an alternative mounting plate (selectable in the Options field). If you choose this option, Pro-Ject also produce a variety of 5-Pin/RCA and 5-Pin/XLR cables that will work with this connector.

If you wish to replace a faulty tonearm on your existing Pro-Ject record player, please select the appropriate model from the Options field. If you have any questions about a repair, or if your turntable isn't listed, please Contact Us.

The "Standard Flying Lead" version includes the tonearm with a standard mounting plate and inner-cables hanging loose, ready to be terminated into a connector or a junction box.

Pro-Ject tonearms are designed using Linn geometry.

Please Note: This tonearm is supplied internally wired and with multiple counterweights, one anti-skate weight and one mounting plate. No other accessories are included.

Technical Data

Integrated Headshell:  0.5" (12.7mm) Mounting
Mounting Distance: 212mm
Supplied Counterweights:
For Cartridges Weighing Between:
5-7g / 7-10g / 9-11g / 10-14g 
Downforce Range:  10 - 35mN
Effective Length: 9" (230mm) 
Effective Mass:  8g
Overhang:  18mm 
Weight: 265g (Without Counterweight) 


What are VTA and Azimuth adjustments?

For more information on these advanced cartridge set-up processes, visit the Cartridges section of our Technical Support area.

For more help and advice visit our Tech Support section

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