A/D Box S2 Phono

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  • Phono stage with analogue-digital converter
  • USB output for recording to a computer
  • Additional Line input

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The A/D Box S2 Phono has been designed as an affordable, effective tool for digitally archiving your precious analogue media.

Being able to take digital audio back-ups of vinyl records or analogue tapes allows you to preserve your precious music, and also take some of your favourite analogue-only tracks with you on the go. By recording to a computer you can also use special software tools to remove unwanted pops, clicks or crackles. The A/D Box S2 Phono achieves this by converting Phono or Line level inputs to a digital USB data stream for a Windows, Apple or Linux computer to handle. 

Once a source is connected into the back panel, the input selector on the front panel allows for easy changing between connected devices. At the same time as the music is transferred to USB, it's also possible to continue listening via the RCA analogue outputs - effectively allowing A/D Box S2 Phono to double-up as an input extender for an existing hi-fi system, while also acting as an MM/MC phono stage built on the same design principles as Pro-Ject's coveted Phono Box model.

The Gain control on the front panel is only for the digital data stream. Many computer soundcards struggle with loud audio inputs - the gain attenuator on the A/D Box S2 Phono allows you to adjust this level - striking the best possible balance between convenience and fidelity.

Key Features:

  • Analogue-Digital Converter for recording your analogue media
  • Connect a turntable to the phono input
  • MM or MC cartridges supported
  • Connect an analogue tape player to the line input
  • Switch between inputs on the front panel
  • Attenuate digital gain level
  • Record to a computer via USB
  • Ultra-low noise and distortion
  • SMD circuitry for short signal paths
  • Premium S2 chassis
  • Available in black or silver

Technical Data

Input impedance: MC 100 ohms / MM 47k ohms 
Load capacity: 120pF
Gain:  MM or high output MC: 40 dB low output MC: 60 dB & Line: 11dB
Signal to noise ratio MM /MC:  94dB / 75dB (A weighted) 
THD MM / MC :  < 0.01% / < 0.05%
RIAA accuracy:   within 0.4dB/20Hz - 20kHz
Analogue inputs:  RCA (Phono) / 3.5mm jack (Line)
Analogue output voltage :  9.5V (RCA)
A/D converter:   16-Bit Delta Sigma
Sampling-frequencies:   32, 44, 1 & 48kHz
USB interface :   USB1.1, Mini B 
Suitable for:  Windows, Mac 
Power supply:  5V/500mA DC
Power consumption :  100mA DC < 1 watt standby
Dimensions:  103 x 37 x 127mm
Weight  336g (Without PSU)


What is the Line Input for?

The Line Input is there to allow for recording from a Line level device, such as a Tape Deck, to a computer via USB. It should not be used as a play-through input for your normal hi-fi system, as the Gain applied will distort the sound. The RCA outputs are only for use with the Phono Inputs.

What is a Phono Stage?

A phono stage takes the low-level electrical signal, generated by the pick-up cartridge on your turntable, and amplifies it to LINE level. When it's at LINE level, you can connect the outputs of your phono stage to any LINE or AUX input on your amplifier. If you do not have a phono stage, when you connect the turntable to your amplifier the signal will be very quiet, and if you turn it up to normal listening level it will sound distorted and noisy. 

You do not need an external phono stage if...

  • There is a phono stage already built-in to your turntable (for instance with our Phono USB or RecordMaster turntables from Pro-Ject)
  • Your amplifier has a Phono input.

In both of these cases, the built-in phono stage needs to support your pick-up cartridge (see below).

Do I need a specific type of Phono Stage?

Yes. You need to buy a phono stage that suits your particular type of cartridge. If you have a Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge, you need an MM-compatible phono stage. If you have a Moving Coil (MC) cartridge, you need an MC-compatible phono stage. This is due to the different output levels of MM and MC cartridges (as MC cartridges are so quiet, they require more Gain).

Can I play my turntable through my computer/laptop using USB without recording?

To play records in Audacity without recording, make sure 'software playthrough' is enabled in the Transport menu, then right click the right-hand recording VU meter with the microphone symbol, which turns on "monitoring". Click in the meter again if you want to turn monitoring off.

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