M6 Vinyl

  • Beautiful aesthetics and build quality
  • State of the art SMD technology
  • Features three inputs

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M6 Series

The M6 Vinyl is a high-performance, fully balanced, highly accurate phono MM/MC cartridge amplifier in a beautifully designed chassis housing. The M6 Vinyl features three inputs, each of which can be set for the exact loading of both Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) cartridges, even going so far as to remember your preferred settings.

Selectable gain is provided to allow for different cartridge output levels and to suit any equipment configurations. Cartridge type and loading is set by front selector buttons for optimum cartridge performance. The M6 Vinyl also includes Musical Fidelity's renowned RIAA correction that offers extremely accurate results to frequencies beyond 80kHz. With both extraordinarily low noise and exceptional overload margin, the M6 Vinyl can comfortably handle even the most demanding of cartridges and satisfy the most discerning of listeners.

The M6 Vinyl phono stage also features an impressive and sophisticated power supply configuration, with a total 7 power supply units (PSUs). These seven separate PSUs are implemented across each channel and each stage within the M6 Vinyl, remaining fully balanced with perfect star grounding. The two mains transformers incorporate a specially designed 100mHz filter stage, providing the phono stage with 40dB attenuation of illegitimate radio frequency. The SMD PCB layout will even achieve brilliant inter-channel and inter-stage isolation, ensuring only the best possible result when you listen to your music.

Key Features:

  • State of the art SMD technology
  • Low impedance output
  • Incredible noise ratio
  • Wide overload margin
  • Fully balanced XLR and traditional RCA inputs & outputs
  • Adjustable input impedance on MC
  • Adjustable capacitance on MM

Technical Data

Frequency Response: MM: RIAA or RIAA/IEC (selectable) ±0.2dB
MC: RIAA or RIAA/IEC (selectable) ±0.2dB
Input Sensitivity: MM: 2.5mV in for 300mV out (at 1 kHz)
MC: 250μV in for 300mV out (at 1 kHz)
Input Impedance: MM: 47KΩ
MC: 25Ω to 1K2Ω selectable
Input Capacitance: MM: 50-400pF selectable
MC: 470pF fixed
THD (at 1kHz): MM: <0.01%
MC: <0.01%
Overload Margin: MM: 31dB
MC: 31dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: MM: >90dB "A" -wtd
MC: >88dB "A" -wtd
Outputs: 1x RCA (phono) left & right 300mV nom 10V max
1x XLR (balanced) left & right 600mV nom 20V max
Mains Voltage: 230V/115V internally set or 100V optional AC 50/60Hz
Consumption: 20 Watts maximum <0.5W in standby (orange LED on)
Weight: 5.5kg (unit only)
Dimensions Width: 440mm
Height: 100mm (including feet)
Depth: 385mm (including terminals)
Accessories: Mains lead 10 Amp IEC


What is a Phono Stage?

A phono stage takes the low-level electrical signal, generated by the pick-up cartridge on your turntable, and amplifies it to LINE level. When it's at LINE level, you can connect the outputs of your phono stage to any LINE or AUX input on your amplifier. If you do not have a phono stage, when you connect the turntable to your amplifier the signal will be very quiet, and if you turn it up to normal listening level it will sound distorted and noisy. 

You do not need an external phono stage if...

  • There is a phono stage already built-in to your turntable (for instance with our Phono USB or RecordMaster turntables from Pro-Ject)
  • Your amplifier has a Phono input.

In both of these cases, the built-in phono stage needs to support your pick-up cartridge (see below).

Do I need a specific type of Phono Stage?

Yes. You need to buy a phono stage that suits your particular type of cartridge. If you have a Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge, you need an MM-compatible phono stage. If you have a Moving Coil (MC) cartridge, you need an MC-compatible phono stage. This is due to the different output levels of MM and MC cartridges (as MC cartridges are so quiet, they require more Gain).

For more help and advice visit our Tech Support section

For more help and advice visit our Tech Support section

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