Speed Box S

  • Improved power supply for older turntables
  • Automatic switching between 33 and 45RPM
  • Makes some turntables 78RPM compatible

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The Speed Box S offers a functional and convenient upgrade for many Pro-Ject turntables with a 16V AC motor that do not already have built-in speed control.

The Speed Box S acts as an AC generator for the turntable, replacing the fluctuant supply from a normal 16V power supply and regulating it. The result is a clean power signal that allows the motor to perform optimally. The added convenience is that the Speed Box S can shift frequency, for easy changing between 33 and 45RPM at the push of a button.

Inside, the Speed Box S makes use of high-quality materials in the quartz-controlled oscillator and filter circuits. Externally it is stylish, compact and minimal - matching any other Box Design S Line component. 

Connection is simple, as the Speed Box S is supplied with a link cable that plugs into your turntable instead of the normal power supply. There is also a wide range of compatibility (see below), and in some cases the Speed Box S can even add 78RPM compatibility, when partnered with a special Speed Box Pulley.

Key Features:

  • Electronic speed change between 33 and 45RPM (see below)
  • 78RPM also possible after fitting accessory pulley (see below)
  • Replaces the existing 16V turntable power supply
  • Quartz-generated high precision electronic speed regulation 
  • Creates a cleaner AC mains signal for your turntable
  • Allows the motor to run more efficiently and with less resonance

For a full compatibility list, read our FAQ

Technical Data

Input Power: 18V DC (Supplied PSU)
Output Power: 16V AC / 190mA (3W max.)
Nominal Speeds: 33 / 45 RPM
78 RPM with Optional Pulley
Speed Stability: ± 0.001%
Power Cable Length: Approx. 400mm
(Turntable to Speedbox)
Dimensions: 103 x 36 x 104mm
103 x 36 x 115mm (Incl. Sockets)
Weight: 560g


Will the Speed Box S work with my turntable?

The Speed Box S will only work with certain Pro-Ject turntable models that have a detachable mains socket and a 16V AC power supply. It will not work with items that have a captive mains lead, or a DC power supply. To make your compliant turntable turn at 78RPM, you will need to purchase the additional 78RPM Pulley and a 78RPM stylus.

Below is a list of compliant turntables...

Works with Speed Box S (and turns at 78RPM with additional pulley):

  • Debut II (later versions with 16V power supply)
  • Debut III
  • Debut S/E3
  • 1.2 (later versions with 16V power supply)
  • 1 Xpression
  • 1 Xpression II
  • 1-Xpression III
  • RPM 4 (later versions with 16V power supply)
  • RPM 5  

Works with Speed Box S (33 and 45RPM only):

  • Essential
  • 2.9 (later versions with 16V power supply)
  • 2 Xperience (non-DC versions)
  • 2 Xperience Classic (non-DC versions)
  • 6 Perspex (non-DC versions)
  • RPM 1.3 (Genie 3)
  • RPM 9
  • RPM 9.1X
  • RPM 9.2
  • RPM 10
  • RPM 10.1

The Speed Box S will not work with any turntable that has a captive mains cable.
The Speed Box S will not work with any turntable that has a DC power supply.
The Speed Box S will not work with any turntable that has speed control or a USB phono stage built-in.

If your turntable is not in the list above, or if you are unsure, please Contact Us for confirmation of compatibility.

For more help and advice visit our Tech Support section

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