• Pro-Ject's first ever Record Cleaning Machine (RCM)
  • Fast motor and high suction power allows for quick cleaning
  • Supplied with high-quality Wash-IT cleaner

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Vinyl Care


Everyone with a collection of vinyl records knows how important it is to keep them clean. Every use exposes records to environmental impurities that accumulate over time, resulting in a build-up of dirt inside the record grooves that can negatively impact the turntable cartridge’s lifespan and the overall sound performance of a vinyl hi-fi system. This dirt often consists of both organic and man-made residues that combine to “grate” at the record wall when a stylus is in the groove. The VC-S from Pro-Ject Audio Systems removes these impurities in a quick, efficient and cost-effective way to extend the life of your records, and bring greater musical enjoyment to your hi-fi experience.

While there are ‘Dry’, or mechanical, ways of cleaning records – such as using a carbon fibre brush – these methods are often only capable of removing lighter, surface-layer dust and dirt, and have no effect on the deeper-lying, more damaging impurities. Pro-Ject have therefore developed a ‘wet’, or chemical, method for the VC-S which makes use of a cleaning solution to dissolve any dirt and remove it from the record walls. The drawback of the wet method is that the records then need to be dried in a way that removes the remaining dirty fluid. The solution is therefore to follow the wet cleaning method with a vacuum process that removes all moisture from the record surface, leaving a clean, dry record that’s ready to play.

The VC-S boasts many characteristics that help it stand apart as a superlative vinyl cleaner. The vacuum technology has been specially selected due to its high power, meaning a record side can be dried in as little two rotations. The motor is also much faster than alternative products, achieving a full rotation in around two seconds. It’s also capable of dual-directional rotation, for deeper cleaning of the record groove with the supplied record brush.

The purpose-engineered record clamp is machined from aluminium, and lined with a rubber mat that keeps cleaning fluid away from the record label during use. The clamp also replaces the need for a platter, which could potentially bring dirt into contact with a clean record surface. The vacuum arm is equally robust and easy to use in its mechanically stable mount.

Operation of the VC-S record cleaner is effortlessly simple. First, apply a small amount of cleaning fluid to the record surface using the supplied applicator bottle and set the motor spinning. Then use the supplied goats hair brush to spread the fluid across the record surface, optionally changing the motor direction to ensure the entire groove is covered. Finally, set the vacuum arm over the record and turn the suction on. Within a few rotations (in both directions), the record side will be cleaned and dry, ready for playing like new.

The accumulated solution that’s sucked through the vacuum is filtered away from the built-in electronics and stored in a 2.5 litre waste container. The fluid level gauge on the side of the VC-S chassis indicates when the tank is nearly full, and discharging the waste liquid is effortlessly simple with the supplied funnel.

The VC-S is supplied with all the accessories you need, plus Pro-Ject’s newly developed alcohol-free vinyl cleaning solution. Wash-IT offers impressive cleaning results and also reduces the build-up of static charges on a record. Separate accessories, including an optional dust cover and various sizes of Wash-IT cleaning solution, are also available.

Key Features:

  • Fast and effective record cleaning machine (RCM)
  • Supplied Wash-IT solution effectively removes debris
  • Supplied Goats Hair Brush allows for deep cleaning in the record groove
  • High suction power dries records quickly
  • Sturdy metal vacuum arm  keeps suction power high
  • Quick-spinning motor speeds up the cleaning process
  • Wash-IT cleaning fluid includes anti-static remedy 
  • Included waterproof clamp to protect record label
  • 2.5 litre waste fluid tank built into VC-S chassis
  • Funnell provided to help discharge used cleaning solution easily
  • Optional dust cover available

Technical Data

Power Consumption: 800W Max.
Dimensions: 435 x 335 x 280mm
Weight: 10.5kg


The VC-S produces a high sound pressure level (SPL) when in use so it is advised to take care over long periods of usage.

Because of the amount of power required by the VC-S during use, it is advised to plug-in away from any hi-fi equipment.

From serial number 16F0003587 onwards (and including s/n 16F0002625-16F0002666, s/n 16F0002822-16F0002879, s/n 16F001335-16F001434 and s/n 16F0002667-16F0002766), VC-S has been supplied with an eco-friendly, alcohol-free Wash-IT solution.

Before serial number 16F0003586, VC-S was supplied with an alochol-based Wash-IT solution that is not suitable for use with 78RPM Shellac records.


Why does the VC-S not use a 12" platter for the record?

The reason we use a clamp rather than a platter is so we can keep the record as clean as possible during the whole process. The idea is that when you flip the record to clean side B – side A will not then come into contact with a surface that could potentially contain unwanted residue and/or debris. A full 12” platter could build-up with dust or dirt, and would therefore start to undo the cleaning process before you even play the record. By floating it in the air, the record is less exposed to impurities and can go straight into the sleeve still as clean as possible.

There are undoubtedly surfaces you could use for the platter that would not attract impurities – but the costs to consider for such a component would drive the price up significantly. One thing we wanted to do with the VC-S was make a great product that was as accessible as possible.

How can I adjust the height of the record clamp?  

The VC-S comes perfectly pre-adjusted for immediate use. In rare cases where the vacuum arm is not totally parallel to the record, and therefore not able to capture all the cleaning fluid from the disk, you can adjust the height of the clamp. 

  1. Insert the 2.5mm hexagon key into the hole on the side of motor spindle.
  2. Loosen the hexagonal screw, until the spindle can be moved up or down as intended.
  3. When the correct height position is found, tighten the hexagonal screw and re-mount the clamp.

Are additional vacuum arms available?

Yes, an optional kit for 7" records is available. To deal with the smaller size of a 7" record and the different label size, the 7" kit consists of a special arm and clamp. Find out more here.

There is currently no special kit planned for 10" records.

The wood of my goat-hair brush is swelling up, what am I doing wrong?

You are using too much cleaning fluid, causing the wood to swell up. Please only use the recommended amount of fluid.

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