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Hi-Fi Rose is an audio technology brand from Korea, focused on delivering true hi-fi quality audio streaming from an intuitive product that stands apart from the crowd. Aesthetically and functionally, their products are unique. With an immersive touch-screen interface that allows you to go deep into a vast array of features, as well as a comprehensive iOS and Android app for full control from your listening spot, there is nothing this engaging on the market.

But Hi-Fi Rose also go one step further with their belief in "audio with screen". Simply hook-up a TV to the 4K HDMI output and you can get track information from your playing music and also watch videos from Rose Tube and Tidal. Hi-Fi Rose aims to re-establish what it means to engage with your digital audio, putting quality and day-to-day interaction at the forefront of the product. 


The MUSIC and VIDEO apps allow you to play music and video files stored on a local storage device (USB, MicroSD and SSD bay inputs available). You can also build your library with music and movies stored on your home network on NAS devices.

The TIDAL and QOBUZ app integrations provide one of the most enjoyable "built-in" experiences from any hi-fi streaming product. With an immersive yet intuitive user interface, you can easily access your favourites or discover new music with ease. The HDMI output even allows for music video playback from a TV with Tidal.
There is also SPOTIFY CONNECT functionality built-in.

The RS-150 and RS-201 E are ROON READY devices, allowing them to seamlessly integrate with one of the most popular music management softwares in the hi-fi market.

The CD Player and CD RIPPING apps allow you to attach an external CD-ROM drive for convenient CD playback or to rip CDs in highest-quality to any attached storage, with album artwork and metadata editing available through the touch-screen.

The RADIO app gives access to hundreds of popular radio stations from around the world (working from Hi-Fi Rose's own database), while ROSE PODCAST gives access to the iTunes podcast database. ROSE TUBE gives access to YouTube videos for playback through the screen or via HDMI output.

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Beyond Audio

Hi-Fi Rose creates products with the lifestyle of the user in mind. With two choices to make, pick the right model for you!

RS150: The Hi-Fi Rose RS150 is the ultimate streaming device, you didn’t know you needed. RS150 supports a whole host of streaming and listening options, as well as high-quality Ultra HD 4K video support, RS150 also allows you to attach any standard external CD-ROM drive for convenient CD playback or to rip CDs in highest-quality to any attached storage.

RS210E: The RS201E from Hi-Fi Rose is a Hi-Fi Network Media Player that provides high quality sound, and Ultra High Pixel streaming, together with multiple multimedia services and apps, based on Hi-Fi design expertise and ROSE software. RS201E supports a multitude of streaming and listening options, as well as high-quality Ultra HD 4K video support.

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Type: Streamer, DAC and Pre-Amplifier Streamer, DAC and Integrated Amplifier
Touchscreen: 14.9" wide 8.8" wide
Digital Inputs: List... List...
Analogue Inputs: List... List...
Supported Technologies: Hi-Res Audio, MQA, DSD, Roon Ready and DLNA Hi-Res Audio, MQA, DSD, Roon Ready and DLNA
Wireless Connectivity: Airplay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (external dongle supplied) Airplay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (built-in)
Wired Connectivity: Ethernet Ethernet
HDMI: HDMI ARC Input and HDMI Output HDMI Output
Clock: Full international clock with Alarms Full international clock with Alarms
Construction: Solid Aluminium Anodized Aluminium

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