Klipsch Reference Premiere Range Explained

Redesigned from the ground up, the all-new Reference Premiere series leverages over 70 years of Klipsch signature acoustic expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver the ultimate home theatre and hi-fi listening solution. Designed to work effortlessly in both Hi-Fi and Home Cinema installations, Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers deliver a powerful yet refined sound that sets them apart from every other speaker brand.

Like all Klipsch speakers, the 2022 Reference Premiere range makes use of horn technology to deliver an unparalleled sound performance. Horn-loading allows for controlled directivity, ensuring the high-frequency energy is aimed at the listener for increased focus, dynamics, clarity and detail. Horn technology also facilities high efficiency driver operation with low-distortion, as less electrical power is required to make a louder sound. There is also Wider Dynamic Range, which makes dialogue and vocals much clearer - distinguishing clearly between the loudest and quietest sections of a performance. However, even though there is all this increased performance, the delivery is tuned with a flat frequency response, so the audio track remains exactly as the creator intended.

Where the Reference Premiere range impresses most is in its technical considerations. The proprietary Tractrix® horn loading technology ensures the high-frequency energy of the Reference Premiere series speakers is aimed directly at the listener and reduces unwanted, artificial reverb for the most clear, detailed, lifelike sound possible. The horn makes use of a silicon fascia and computer-moulded phase plugs (acting as a filter) to ensure the sound remains smooth and inviting. The tweeter itself is one of Klipsch's finest designs, featuring a titanium diaphragm with a piston-like motion thanks to Linear Travel Suspension technology for a low-distortion delivery. Elsewhere, Klipsch's premium Cerametallic™ woofers ensure the low-end delivery remains in control regardless of how hard you want to push it. The Reference Premiere range is finished throughout with Tractrix® ports for improved air movement away from the cabinet.

Each Reference Premiere speaker features a smooth black front baffle with stylish copper rings around the horn mouth and woofer. The side and rear of the cabinet are finished in a luxury wood finish, available either in Ebony (Black) or Walnut. Reference Premiere floorstanders have pre-mounted cast-aluminium feet for minimal contact with the ground, and all speakers in the range feature magnetic grilles. 

Hybrid Tractrix® horn structure with silicone fascia reduces resonance for a smoother frequency response

Vented 1" LTS tweeter with titanium diaphragm exceeds the performance of previous designs

Proprietary Cerametallic™ woofers are the Reference Premiere series signature statement for both sound and aesthetics

Tractrix® ports used throughout the range for better air movement


Comparison Chart

If you're aware of the previous Klipsch Reference Premiere range and are looking for the modern equivalent, use our helpful table below to guide you in your purchase...

Old Model   Reference 2018 Model   Reference 2022 Model
RP-280F > RP-8000F > RP-8000F-II
RP-260F > RP-6000F > RP-6000F-II
RP-250F > RP-5000F > RP-5000F-II
- > RP-4000F > -
RP-160M > RP-600M > RP-600M-II
RP-150M > RP-500M > RP-500M-II
- > RP-400M > -
RP-450C > RP-504C > RP-504C-II
RP-440C > RP-404C > RP-404C-II
- > RP-600C > -
RP-250C > RP-500C > RP-500C-II
- > RP-400C > -
RP-250S > RP-502S > RP-502S-II
RP-240S > RP-402S > -
RP-140SA > RP-500SA > RP-500SA-II
R-110SW > SPL-100 > TBC
R-120SW > SPL-120 > TBC
SPL-150 - SPL-150 > TBC

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