Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity has been designing and manufacturing Hi-Fi electronics since early in the 1980s. Founded by Antony Michaelson, a young music college graduate with a passionate interest in musical reproduction, the company's first product - The Preamp - started on a small localised scale but soon gained a reputation across the audio industry. Over 35 years later, and Musical Fidelity is recognised around the world as a leading manufacturer of premium hi-fi electronics.

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All Musical Fidelity are designed to deliver the best possible sound performance first, but the company also takes great care in the industrial design - ensuring each new model that comes out of production will also be a statement piece in any home. The result is a wide range of hi-fi electronics that span a multitude of styles, functions and technologies.

Musical Fidelity Encore
Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista
Musical Fidelity MX Series

A Strong Future For A Classic Brand

In 2018, Musical Fidelity was acquired by Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH, Musical Fidelity's long-standing Austrian distributor. Owned by Heinz Lichtenengger, the CEO and founder of the coveted Pro-Ject Audio Systems brand, Audio Tuning are truly independent - keeping Musical Fidelity firmly within the audio industry, avoiding the loss of another precious brand to an investment group or faceless multi-national corporation. Under the directorship of the experienced and successful audio entreprenaur Heinz Lichtenengger, Musical Fidelity will endure as a leading electronics manufacturer. 

Retaining key staff from the original company, and utilising the superior man power of the Audio Tuning group, Musical Fidelity is continuing to develop new models that stay true to their proud UK heritage - making each new product an exciting venture into new territories of sound and performance, but retaining the characteristics that have made Musical Fidelity the brand it is today.

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