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Sumiko Phono Cartridges

For 40 years, SUMIKO have provided the finest array of phono pick-up cartridges to discerning audio enthusiasts around the world. Boasting a portfolio of products that touches all price points and technologies, there are many names in their roster that are indisputably synonymous with high-quality record playback. 

The current range from SUMIKO is firmly established, and spans from ultra-affordable to esoteric high-end in its makeup. Starting with the affordable Oyster Series, encompassing both Entry Level (Oyster, Black Pearl and Pearl) and Premium Moving Magnet (Rainier, Olympia, Moonstone and Amethyst) models as well as the iconic Blue Point moving coil range, all 'affordable' options are adequately covered; giving vinyl newcomers or those on a limited budget a taste of the high-end for a fraction of the price. The audiophile Reference Series then meets the demands of truly high-end vinyl playback systems with the "Songbird" range, bolstered by the Pearwood Celebration II and the luxurious Palo Santos Presentation one-off designs.


SUMIKO cartridges come from a proud Japanese heritage of delivering premium sound experiences, and the whole range is still made by the same company today, now under the ownership of the internationally renowned McIntosh Group. Yet regardless of price, every SUMIKO cartridge is driven by a collective passion for achieving the best sound possible in the analogue format; so you can guarantee you'll experience musicality of sound and phenomenal cost-to-performance ratio with every model. SUMIKO cartridges truly reveal the magic within your treasured vinyl record collection.

Oyster Series

SUMIKO Oyster cartridges are products born out of many decades of cartridge design experience. Resulting from a fundamental stand-point that it is possible to achieve high performance sound at a reasonable price, the Oyster series covers a wide range of products, from the entry level Oyster moving magnet cartridge, up to the iconic Blue Point moving coil models. Compared to most other brands, each model in the Oyster Series typically represents superior construction, a better investment in materials, and true high fidelity sound. Whether you're seeking an affordable MM, MC or even a high-output MC, Oyster has something for you.


Entry Level Moving Magnet

An affordable price doesn't have to mean you sacrifice your expected level of performance for your investment, as proven by the Entry-Level Moving Magnet Series of cartridges. After the introductory Oyster, with its bonded spherical stylus and rugged generator assembly, designed to stand-up to the rigorous demands of a keen vinyl newcomer; the step-up to the Black Pearl increases performance ability significantly thanks to its trickle down technology from the superior Pearl. Rounding off the series is the Pearl itself, a highly-revered, long-standing cartridge with an elliptical stylus profile and all the expected properties of a mid-priced moving magnet at a suprisingly affordable one.

Premium Moving Magnet

The newest additions to the SUMIKO's coveted line of moving magnet cartridges are premium solutions with matching aesthetics, drawing their names from different variations of oyster. The Rainier, Olympia, Moonstone and flagship Amethyst comfortably out-perform similarly priced solutions. The first three models in the range all utilise a common housing and generator assembly, for easy stylus upgrades as your listening system progresses. The top-of-the-line Amethyst benefits from its own unique cartridge body, allowing its Nude Line-Contact stylus to perform to the highest possible standard.

RS78 Stylus

Sumiko have recently introduced the long-awaited RS78 stylus for 78rpm discs. The RS78 stylus is a true treat for vintage recording enthusiasts. This stylus grants listeners the ability to spin classic 10" 78 RPM records without damaging the record’s physical properties. The RS78 can be installed on the Rainier, Olympia, and Moonstone Moving Magnet cartridges, and allows owners of these fantastic cartridges to easily play back 78 RPM shellac recordings safely and with great care. It is not advisable to play 78rpm records with a diamond stylus as these are made to track the ‘microgrooves’ of 33s & 45s, it will sound poor and cause undue harm to the disc (and potentially the cartridge). Sumiko have developed RS78 for this very reason.

Blue Point

The Blue Point name is an icon of the SUMIKO range, and sets the standard for premium high output moving coil cartridges. The latest release was the Blue Point No. 3 High and Blue Point No. 3 Low phono cartridges replacing the admired Blue Point No. 2. Featuring a similar low-internal vibration body and mounting block as the recently updated moving magnet (MM) line, the Blue Point No. 3 is able to separate the cartridge’s generator from mechanical vibration more effectively than ever before. The result is an affordable moving coil (MC) design that produces unparalleled detail and stereo separation. The hugely successful Blue Point Special sets the bar high for performance with its remarkably smooth tonal balance, richness and warmth achieved thanks to its expertly engineered "open architecture" design. Drawing on the lasting sucess of the Blue Point Special EVO III, the Blue Point No. 2 sets a new standard for low-priced moving coils, with its impeccable electrical and mechanical design, ensuring a performance that's sure to get your feet tapping. 


Reference Series

SUMIKO cartridges represent a proud heritage of musical excellence. Their luxurious presentations, excellent dynamics and extraction of the finest musical details has helped vinyl lovers around the world escape into their record collections in a way most other brands could only dream of achieving. The Reference Series is a purpose-designed suite of high-end moving coil cartridges that represent the very best SUMIKO has to offer. With a variety of options, ranging from precision-engineered "open architecture" designs up to the flagship, truly esoteric wooden bodied cartridges. The Reference Series covers a variety of solutions to ensure any performance-driven audiophile can find a SUMIKO cartridge that is right for them. Employing only the best, most appropriate technologies, and still made by hand in Japan, Reference Series cartridges offer an unrivalled musical experience.


Songbird Line

The Songbird Line represtents the penultimate step in SUMIKO's cartridge series, elevating overall performance and expectation firmly into the high-end arena. From the Songbird, with its exceptional tracking ability and wide compatibility, through the long-standing Blackbird and its exceedingly low noise levels and wide dynamic range, up to the reference open architecture design, Starling, with its MircoRidge stylus on a Boron cantilever; each model in the range promises to sing as beautifully and naturally as its name suggests.

Luxury Line

Reserved for the best of the best, the Luxury Line of cartridges in the premium Reference Series offer a musical experience that has to be heard to be believed. Capable of the most startling realism, musical fluidity and detail extraction, the Pearwood Celebration II and the Flagship Palo Santos Presentation are wooden cartridge designs drawing on a proud Japanese heritage of maximum fidelity, intended only for the most demanding Hi-Fi stereo systems. Expect to be amazed by what they can achieve. To commemorate Sumiko’s fortieth anniversary, in 2021, a new limited-edition phono cartridge has been named in honour of their many years of excellence in analog: the Celebration 40. This latest refinement of Sumiko’s award-winning Pearwood Celebration II has implemented the true design elements that lend maximum rigidity and minimises unwanted resonances: a long-grain boron cantilever, milled Teflon back-plate and the same MC generator securely fixed to the anti-resonant machined aluminium cradle. Celebration 40 now implements the same solid, ultra-low-mass 75μm x 2.5μm Microridge stylus as the company's flagship Palo Santos Presentation. Adding the Microridge stylus is revelatory when it comes to micro detail and spatiality. The plumwood body accurately embodies the spirit of the Celebration design.  



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