Box Design by Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Pro-Ject Audio Systems was born out of company founder Heinz Lichtenegger’s passionate belief that in the early 1990’s, analogue playback was still the most important way to enjoy music. This belief gave rise to a brand that is now at the forefront of the global turntable market. Box Design by Pro-Ject Audio Systems has been born out of a very similar situation, and is aiming to offer the same quality and reliability as the turntable products, except in the hi-fi electronics arena.

Like in the early 90’s, when CD was dramatically changing the analogue market, the audio world has been heading in a new direction since the early 2000’s. Digital music has inspired the popularity of plastic, quasi-mono audio systems that are taking people away from true hi-fi stereo music enjoyment. As a response to this trend, Box Design products have been introduced to offer the same ‘compact convenience’ of these plastic products, but instead focusing more on important hi-fi principles.

The modular nature of the Box Design range means that your end-system can be as simple or as complex as you want, and it can contain everything from integrated amplifiers to pre-power amplifier combinations, from CD players to Wireless Music Streamers and from Headphone Amplifiers to Digital-Analogue Converters (DACs). The range also consists of a wide variety of accessories to make your system better, including phono stages (for connecting a turntable), speakers and cables.

Box Design exists to bring true hi-fi stereo to the modern music lover. Re-introducing high-quality hi-fi back into the home in a stylish, convenient way.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems founder, Heinz Lichtenegger
Box Design DS2 Range

High-Grade Production

Like the coveted Pro-Ject Audio Systems turntable range, every single Box Design electronic product is made in central Europe at one of two dedicated production facilities.

The Box Design factories use the very latest production techniques and technologies to create products that have the benefits of both human and mechanised production stages. Working in clean, spacious facilities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, highly-skilled Pro-Ject employees design, assemble, test and package every single Box Design product.

Box Design RS Range

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