Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Pro-Ject Audio Systems are widely recognised as one of the finest turntable manufacturers in the world. Their mission is simply to produce the best sounding stereo analogue components at the most competitive prices possible. The current series spans a wide range of price points, with a variety of products targeted to key demographics or to accommodate the modern listener’s unique requirements.

In 2016, Pro-Ject marked their 25th anniversary year with the release of a turntable that combined traditional styling with modern technology; showing their innate ability to keep turntables fresh and interesting at a time when popularity of the vinyl format was at a previously unprecedented level. The Classic proudly sits in the middle of a multi-award winning range of turntables that manage to combine sound performance with the latest technologies and unrivalled style at every level.

Pro-Ject are also obsessed with the importance of stereo playback systems. With modern audio systems often bringing speakers either very close together or into a single enclosure, the real impact and importance of true hi-fi stereo is being lost. That’s why everything Pro-Ject create is made with pure stereo applications in mind; bringing back the true emotional importance of music to audio enthusiasts around the world.

Based in Vienna, Austria, all Pro-Ject Audio Systems turntables are made by a highly skilled workforce with great skill, care and attention in their central-European factory.

Learn about how Pro-Ject make their turntables with this site visit video from What Hi-Fi? magazine.

Ten reasons why a Pro-Ject turntable might be right for you, direct from Pro-Ject themselves. 

Company History

Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded in 1990 in Vienna, Austria, by Heinz Lichtenegger - a young audio enthusiast who believed that analogue playback was the most cost-effective way to listen to music in audiophile quality.

Heinz’s belief in the importance of the turntable came to prominence during a time when vinyl was at death’s door – with the CD revolutionising the wider audio market. However, Heinz stood firm and argued the case for not only analogue replay – but also for the pride and sense of ownership and interaction you simply do not get with digital media. So with this belief, he produced his first turntable – the Pro-Ject 1.

The Pro-Ject 1 was a cost-effective true hi-fi turntable, made at a time when other manufacturers were reverting to cheap plastic alternatives in order to satisfy the dwindling demand. The 1 was made at Pro-Ject’s factory in the Czech Republic (SEV Litovel), at a time when the factory owner was just in the process of shutting down all turntable production. Heinz convinced the factory to make his products, and to this day the same factory is used to produce Pro-Ject’s extensive range of coveted hi-fi turntables.

From the Pro-Ject 1, all turntables – regardless of price – were made with the same basic principles:

Great Sound, Great Value, Ease of Use, Reliable Build

These core principles have inspired a modern-day product range that spans price points up to £7,000+, with specialist models designed to suit a multitude of technical and “taste” requirements for any audio enthusiast.

Today, analogue music reproduction is once again an important part of the music industry, with vinyl records taking on a new significance. All of Heinz’s efforts over 25+ years of work have been rewarded; but the mission is not over. Pro-Ject Audio Systems will continue to push the importance of quality analogue audio with every new product they develop.

Pro-Ject Founder and CEO, Heinz Lichtenegger
Pro-Ject's turntable factory, SEV, in Litovel (Czech Republic)

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